This holiday season has been exceptionally busy for me as a blogger and as a human. Work-wise, there is SO much going on. In fact, last week I toasted to the fact that I’m officially done shooting all holiday campaigns and can finally focus on my trip. Socially, I’m drowning. I’m finding myself over-committed to far too many events–a combo of business and pleasure–because I don’t want to miss a thing. I’m not one for Fomo (trust me, I’m happy to stay home), but I also know how important it is to show your face in the place.

I mentioned last week that I’m ready for a vacation after a super hectic season (not day, not week, not month, but season), and I wanted to explain. When I attend events or dinners, whether work related or just for fun, I give my FULL attention. I’m not one for attending, staying for 30 minutes while on my phone, then bouncing. It’s just not my style. If take the time and energy to plan my week with said-event in mind, get ready, drive, hunt for parking, etc., I’m making the most of it. I’ll have a drink (or 2 or 3), snack, mingle, whatever.

However, mingling usually requires talking, and whether you’re with people you know or don’t know, the talking must happen in order to be socializing, right? I’m a very good listener, but I can also be a very good talker, just depends on the person. Do you want to hear my stories? Or do you want to talk my ear off about yours? Or, are we going to take turns? I’m fine with all 3 styles. Dead serious. And that’s because all 3 take equally the same amount of effort and energy out of me. By the end of a dinner or event, I’m usually drained, sometimes even out of breath. It’s not a bad thing at all, but I’m definitely noticing the amount of energy I exert while socializing.

With that said, this entire season (aka the last 3 months) have been absolutely draining. I’m tired of the small talk. I’m tired of repeating the same things that are happening in my life. Honestly, I just want some quiet time. I want to be in the presence of people, but not have to talk or “entertain” anyone. Am I a total weirdo or what?! Despite feeling this way, this is the final indicator that tells me I did my job. I got “out there” and did what I need to do and now as a reward, I get my desert island silence.