Boho Baby Shower

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for one of my best friends. Let me give you some background on this girl first. I’ve known Kelly for over 10 years–we befriended each other our first week at FIDM and never made a single other friend at FIDM after that. We shared a twin bed throughout school since I lived in Downtown, and at one point I even dated someone from the same fraternity as her BF (at the time) so we could spend every living moment together. We became inseparable.

Years later, we found each other thrown together yet again, working (slaving) in Downtown for companies that resided in side-by-side buildings. Naturally, we began carpooling (we are both Valley girls so the commute was brutal) and the obsession started up all over again.

Years after THAT, we both found ourselves jobless (BIGGEST blessing in disguise looking back on things now) at just about the same time. We cried to each other for about 3 hours before embarking on our next move together, a business. Combined, we were good at a lot of different things in “fashion” and applied them to our consulting firm, which later turned into a content creation agency.

And then years after THAT, I pursued my blog full-time and Kelly got pregnant. Yet again, it was a bittersweet moment, but ended up working itself out perfectly, as my life with Kelly always does.

I love this girl so much. She has the ability to literally talk to me for hours a day (if I let her) and we will never run out of conversation. So of course the day she told me the big news, my second comment (after shock / excitement / disbelief !!!!) was “what are we doing for the baby shower?” And then my third comment was “it better be a girl!” LOL….a boy would have been just as fabulous, of course, but a girl was really just exxxxxxxtra cute!

Luckily, Kelly is having a girl.





Kelly is probably the world’s most talented crafter I’ve ever met. She has insane patience and can create just about anything she sets her mind to. This obviously applied to many aspects of this shower. And while she was far too involved for being the woman of the hour, I can’t judge her because I was the same way at my bridal shower (and likely at my one-day baby shower, too). Kelly and I also have some serious high standards so ultimately not many people can be trusted to get the job done except for the 2 of us and a handful of very creative beings…

For this boho-inspired shower, we turned to DIY for the photo macrame backdrop (using copper plumbing pipes to create the stand), the donut wall (thanks to my dad!), a lace teepee for gifts, faux floral garlands that were stung and adorned just about everywhere, flower-infused iced, desserts, food, gifts for guests, the list goes on.

And in typical Sivan-throwing-a-party fashion, it poured rain like it truly never has in Los Angeles, forcing us to move the entire shower inside Kelly’s house (rather than my backyard). But with our powers combined we still managed to pull it off!


DIY: Faux Flower Garlands, Lace Gift Tee Pee, The Macrame Backdrop, Donut Wall, Long Floor Table, Fabric Wall Backdrop, Iced Cookies, Mini Cacti, Tassels, Floral Arrangements, Cake, Floral Ice, & Signs

Flower Crown: The Crown Collective

Rentals: Moroccan Party Rentals (Rugs & floor pillows)

Photographer: Stefanie Meier


Sivan: Lioness Esperanza plunging dress

Kelly: Nightcap long sleeve lace dress {sold out}