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I’m not entirely sure when overalls became such a staple in my wardrobe but clearly I love them, as I’m wearing this exact pair as I type this post. Talk about a repeat offender. I decided to share some of my best overall-wearing tips, as many of you commented on my IG letting me know that you, too, feel 12 when wearing adult overalls.

I don’t blame you. I have the exact same complex, which is why this post is happening.

You know how I feel about posts about my outfits–I loathe–but I feel like this post is actually kinda valuable to anyone who struggles with the same overall problems I have. To learn my small, but oh so helpful tips, read on.

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Do your makeup. I have to go full glam when I wear overalls. Nothing says “OshKosh Tween” more than a bare face and some slouchy denim overalls. It’s more work, but overall worth the effort.

-Wear heels. I have this theory: if the overalls are loose, wear heels. If the overalls are fitted, you can get away with a sleek flat or bootie. It helps balance the overalls.

-Add something expensive. This is totally superficial, but adding a hint of designer SOMETHING helps, too. Whether it’s a bag, shoe, or jewelry find something to elevate your look.

-Bodysuits are your best friend. I know, bodysuits are a pain in the ass. Literally. But if you’re already going through all the work of undoing your overalls to pee, you might as well add 2 more snaps on a bodysuit, too. A fitted bodysuit under a loose pair of overalls is my jam. It polishes the look and prevents you from having to pull down your shirt all day.

-Keep your hair simple. A sleek bun or hair down is really the only styles that work in my opinion. A ponytail will clearly make you look 12, so steer clear of those.

-Go for the turtleneck. I think turtlenecks are totally underrated. A fitted (and preferably sheer) turtleneck is just the right amount of sexy you need when rocking loose overalls. Alternatively, an off-the-shoulder top is equally cute and adds a little flair. I styled overalls over the summer with a flowy top here.

-Cuff them. Cuffing is crucial. Why? I don’t really have a good answer. All I know is that everything looks better cuffed. It adds that effortless touch that I think overalls are supposed to exude. Of course, it’s not quite so effortless when I’m telling you to full-on contour your face before leaving the house in overalls….

Look, I never said overalls are a breeze. They are super cute but require some effort. If you’re up for the challenge, snag this pair for 20% off at Vici using code SIVAN20.