Fake Tanners
My obsession with being tan year-round has turned me into somewhat of an expert on the subject. I mean, when you’ve tried as many products as I have, you kind of just know what’s good. I will say this, so far no product has been bad. There have been products that didn’t really serve a purpose for me (too shimmery, too much work, etc.), so these are the ones I’ve tested, loved, and now use on the reg.

And in case you’re thinking this is sponsored, it is not. In fact, the real reason I’m writing this post is so I don’t have to continuously answer the same question on IG. Love you guys, but a girl can only type ‘Evolv Sunsless Spray’ so many times before becoming neurotic!

A few things to note about ALL of the below products: they all smell good for tanning products. Often times you end up smelling like cat pee with fake tanners but these all have a pretty good smell (IMO). Also, none of them stain. I’ve spilled every product on my white bath mat and wiped my hands in a hurry on my white towels and they have never stained. Phew. With that being said, they do leave residue on tight clothing (on the inside), but again, it washes out.

Here are my 6 favorite tanning products & why.

-St. Tropez Gradual Tanning Lotion. This lotion is my favorite for everyday use. The color is super subtle and it’s a very mild formula so even if you don’t spread it on 100% even, you won’t streak. If you’re scared of fake tanning products, I suggest starting here.

-BaliBody Bronzing Lotion. I think BaliBody just gets tans and it’s no wonder, they’re Australian. This lotion will give you an insta-tan in that perfect, deep, golden shade you see on their IG. I recommend applying this naked and letting it fully dry before getting dressed. I found the lotion to be a little on the thinner / watery side so any rubbing will leave a mark.

-BaliBody BB Cream. This is the only tanning lotion I trust on my face. Even though it’s a BB cream (not so hot for your skin), I use this when I really need a good glow on my face. Since this makes my skin an entire shade darker I don’t use any foundation or even concealer, which in the long run probably is better for me. Just make sure to wash your face (& hair line) really well after. Also, I don’t recommend using it everyday. Just use it when you need that extra color & glow.

-Loving Tan Bronzing Foam. I was terrified of foams but this one changed my entire opinion about them. You’ll definitely want the mitt for application, but this stuff works! This is the type of product you apply and 8 hours later take a shower to reveal a beautiful tan. When I know I need a tan I’ll plan ahead for this–put it on an hour before bed, wear crappy clothes, sleep on After Tan sheets, and shower when you wake up. The color on this is perfection. My one complaint is it makes my armpits smell super weird. So now I just avoid getting too close to my armpits and we’re all good.

-Evolv Sunless Spray. This product has many uses but my favorite is when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to wear foundation or the BaliBody BB cream. I just spray my face once or twice evenly with this and it leaves me looking like I just stepped off the plane from Fiji. He is going to kill me, but sometimes I spray Paul’s face since he can get really pasty. It’s just so natural looking, you don’t really notice one layer of it (perfect for men). I’ve also used this when I’m pressed for time on my legs and it’s just as amazing on the body. When spraying yourself step into the shower since the residue will get everywhere.

-Kopari Coconut Body Glow. I first received this product during Miami Swim Week and it was perfect timing. I was already really tan since it was summer, but this added a supermodel glow to my skin. I think this product really shines (no pun intended) when put on cleavage. Mind you, I have no boobs but it just adds a little hint of sexiness to a plunging neckline. I’ve put this all over the body but it can be a little much with the shimmer. Stick to small areas.

Do you guys use anything I need to try? Let me know below!