Making a media kit
Apparently there isn’t a ton of information out there about creating media kits, so let me start from the beginning. Even if you’re not a blogger, understanding what a media kit is and when one is needed is equally important from a brand’s perspective. Since so much of today’s marketing, advertising and branding revolves around a digital presence, people would be surprised by the amount of social media knowledge they should have. It’s not just a fashion blogging “thing” anymore, as I just read in WWD that sponsored posts on Instagram alone has turned into a billion-dollar industry.

With that being said, if you’re serious about your career as a blogger and are ready to take the next step, having a well presented media kit is just one of the many tools / resources you’ll need available at any given moment.

For starters, it’s important to be familiar with a design program. I know there are many, not just Photoshop, but Photoshop is what I learned in school so I feel comfortable with it. While you’ll need a design program for your media kit, that is not the only time you’ll use it. Newsletters, graphics, product collages, photo edits…those are just some of the other reasons to get comfortable with one. As a blogger, having some understanding of graphic design is crucial (unless you want to outsource / pay someone to do it for you), as you’ll constantly be updating and creating new content.

I personally believe that every post, image, graphic, email sent from you (the blogger) should be in your voice / aesthetic / branding, and it truly only is when you create it first. While I’m Type A and cannot relinquish this part of my business to anyone (even super talented people I trust), once you’ve established a vibe that is you, others could potentially handle this part of your business. But I think it needs to start with YOUR vision before someone else steps in. Does that make sense? We can talk more about this in another post if anyone is interested.

This post could easily turn into a 2-parter since there is the actual construction of a media kit and then the in-depth analysis of the content itself. Today I’m going to share some tips for getting started.

How to create a media kitMedia Kits




-Compile your stats. This goes for every channel you have–the blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. You’ll need to read through your Google Analytics for the blog, and review your IG Insights. Things like views, demographics, impressions, conversions, traffic referrers, followers, etc.

-Write a bio. And don’t be generic about it. Just like I mentioned about your IG bio not being “basic” aim to showcase yourself / your blog in the best way possible in one paragraph. While keeping everything within your branding, include unique details about you, describe your blog and what sets it apart, sell yourself. This could very well be the one chance you have to work with a brand, so make it good.

-Gather images. Choose 3-4 strong images that are cohesive together and showcase your content quality. Make sure your face shows in one, maybe do a full body outfit, and a couple others that are a good representation of your image style. If you’re not a fashion blogger, I still think it’s important to show yourself, but then add images of whatever you blog about (food, travel, interior design, etc.).

-List noteable partnerships. If you’ve already worked with brands, write them down, and narrow it down to the brands that really speak to YOUR brand. If you haven’t worked with brands yet, describe your ideal brand partnership–what you’re looking for in a partnership, your objective, etc.

-The extras. There is space to include some extra info on you. This can be testimonials of brands that have worked with you, press, affiliate programs you’re part of, any noteworthy details about you and your blog.

Would love to know if you found this post to be insightful, and if you’d like a Part 2 with more pointers on the layout / overall design of a media kit.