Before my wedding (aka before I learned how to do makeup) I was terrified of foundation. For starters, I called it “cake” because I didn’t know the proper term. In fact, I didn’t know the difference between foundation, cover-up, or concealer. So whenever I would get my makeup done I would say “please not a lot of cake” and they would stare at me with a dumbfounded look (I’m sure they knew what I meant but who says that?!). But just like hairdressers don’t know what a ONE INCH trim is, makeup artists don’t really know what LIGHT face makeup (or cake) means. It’s their work of art so they naturally want to add a lot (ironically).

I never really understood the hype on foundation and why people are always asking about it, but the more I try out products the more I see why it is such an important product to get right. Foundation, much like the name, is the basis (foundation) of the canvas (face), so before any of the additional steps happen (eyeshadow, lashes, bronzer, etc.) the face needs that perfect finish.

A few things to note, all of these foundation are lightweight. I’ve tried countless others that have been way too heavy for me. I need as natural finish as possible. Some of my girlfriends have told me that my foundations don’t give them enough coverage because they rely on it to even out their skin-tone. Fortunately I don’t have that issue so the coverage on these 4 foundations is perfect for me. Also, I always go a shade darker because my natural face color is pretty pale. I love a tan but I don’t love wrinkles, so I depend on makeup and self tanners to fix that problem.

Below I’ve outlined each product and what purpose it serves for me.


Urban Decay Naked. This is the perfect everyday foundation. Know that when I say everyday, I mean like most days, because I think your skin needs to breathe at least 2 times per week (if possible). But if I had to use 1 product on a regular basis this would be it. It is super lightweight and the formula is the closest thing to my skin’s natural finish. I use my wet Beauty Blender to apply this.

Armani Luminous Silk. My dermatologist told me to get this foundation for my skin. She swears it’s the best foundation for the skin in terms of less pore clogging and ingredients that won’t break you out. Despite her really liking it, it’s a much heavier formula so I only use this for a nighttime look. I apply this with a wet Beauty Blender.

Dior Airflash. I love this stuff. It gives your face a super glam look, which is great for a night out or a photoshoot. Even though it’s a more glam foundation, it is super lightweight. I spray this directly onto a little mirror and use a fluffy foundation brush to apply.

Sephora Mist Airbrush. At $28 dollars this is a great product. It leave a similar glam look like the Dior with the same lightweight formula as the Urban Decay. I bring this one with me when traveling just in case it spills or something since the Dior is on the pricier side. I spray this directly onto a little mirror and use a fluffy foundation brush to apply.

Anyone else have any experience with super lightweight foundations they love? Tell me below.