VIDEO: 9 FREQUENTLY Asked questions

I feel very good about my decision to film this video, as I always aim to give you guys what you want. I’ve found myself spending hours replying to DM’s, and while I love interacting with you guys, sometimes I feel a little robotic typing out the same answers. SO, here is a video with 9 of my most frequently asked questions.

In case you want the cliffnotes version of this video, here ya go:

0:50: How do you pronounce your name & what does it mean?

1:18: Where are your wine glasses from?

2:02: What is your favorite wine?

3:26: How old are you?

3:52: What is the music you listen to?

4:29: What is your workout routine?

5:11: Do you do your own nails? Gel or shellac?

6:14: Engagement ring details & how do you keep your diamonds clean?

6:59: What do you tell your hairdresser when you’re getting your hair done?

If you have questions you’d like me to answer in the next Q+A series, leave them below!

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