Bora Bora Reviews
I broke my Bora Bora posts into 3 different days since I feel it’s a lot to take in. You know, my crazy screaming and cussing in the video, then my long, traumatic story in yesterday’s post about the shark & stingray snorkel, and now the logistics. For anyone planning a trip to Bora Bora, I’ve done my best to cover all aspects of the trip that I always find important anytime I’m booking, however, if I’ve missed something you can always email me or leave a comment below.

Bora Bora Bungalows



Four Seasons private island Four Seasons Bora Bora Pool




-The Hotel. I partnered with the Four Seasons Resort during my stay in Bora Bora and couldn’t have asked for a better place to be on this magical trip. Somehow the Four Seasons managed to hog all the sun in it’s prime location on the island. The hospitality and attention to detail at this resort surpassed any expectation I had. There isn’t a bad spot on this entire resort–the pool, beach, rooms, restaurants, spa, etc. are all on point! The property is lush and manicured, making you feel like you’re in a jungle, but a jungle that you can take golf carts to get around in.

-The Food. I was warned that the food wouldn’t be exciting, as most islands don’t have much of a variety. I was pleasantly surprised by all the options, but my favorite spot was Alii Moana in the hotel. The chef specializes in risotto and each night there would be a different special using the fresh catch of the day. I was also in heaven with their truffle asparagus salad (I had it 3 times). Mornings were probably my favorite though, as the buffet spread was on another level! 3 words: FRESH. MANGO. JUICE. To die for! The pastries, exotic fruits, and fresh coconuts (with a straw) were all too good to pass up.

-The Drinks. A friend had told me that cocktails would be exorbitant so Paul took that piece of advice very seriously and purchased 5 bottles of rosé at the airport. I mean, I’m not going to complain but we drank A LOT of rosé. I did try the spicy margarita though, and that one is excellent. I do suggest picking up some liquor at Duty Free but maybe not that much so you can enjoy the island drinks, too.

-The Activities. Well, you know how I feel about the shark & ray snorkel so we don’t need to get into that. However, there are many options for those who like a little adventure on their vacation. I personally prefer to chill, but I watched others jet-skiing and parasailing from my balcony in the bungalow and that was all the excitement I needed.

-The Spa. A definite highlight of the trip was our spa day. I mean, the Four Seasons just gets a good massage and everything that goes into making it special. First we selected from a grouping of exotic, enriched coconut oils (including a 24K gold one) for our massages. Then, once we received our robes, we were escorted to the Quiet room to lounge in a zen space with perfect recliners overlooking the lush “jungle” while you nibble on some dried fruits and infused water. Very heavenly. The massage itself was Top 10 for sure.

After the massage women and men have their separate infinity Jacuzzi areas that overlook more lush greenery. I could lay there all day just relaxing in that bubbly water, soaking up the sun.

-The Bugs. And lizards, obvs. There was a constant breeze during our trip so I feel like I may have lucked out on the bugs. I came out of there with 3, I repeat, THREE, mosquito bites. Unheard of for me. I also was taking vitamin B every single day but I think the breeze really saved the day. Otherwise, I didn’t see many bugs to be totally honest. I did, however, see goddamn lizards everywhere! One tiny one even jumped onto my lounge chair one day and I never sat in it again. They would run across the sand, leap in the air, and land VERY close to you. I managed to dodge every encounter but then again I have major lizard radar.

-The Lagoons. Bora Bora is made up of these beautiful lagoons, which is how the water looks the way it does. It’s typically very shallow and clear. All around the resort there are these little hidden lagoons with a beach for you to lounge on and it was a completely different color than the main ocean area. We saw tons of fish in them so I wasn’t really into swimming in the lagoons but others seemed to really enjoy the snorkeling (LOL).

The Weather. Like any tropical island, the weather is super unpredictable and you should never believe the forecast. It will most likely make you cry. It’s pretty normal to get a little rain daily, but we actually didn’t get much rain. If anything, it would happen while we slept and / or early in the mornings. There was some wind, which made the current stronger than normal, but overall the temps were perfect–high 70’s & 80’s. The most challenging part for me is the humidity (around 78%) for the obvious reason of my hair looking like a cave woman, but also because I tend to get heat rashes in hot temps mixed with humidity.

Also, the UV index during this time of year (May) was rather low (2-3), which is ideal for my skin. During our Fiji trip the UV index was 12 (!!!!!) and I burned like a M***** F*****!!! I still had to protect myself with lots of sun screen and hats, but at least I never burned.

-The Vibe. As I mentioned earlier, Bora Bora is an extremely romantic, quiet place. You will most likely see lots of couples (on their honeymoon) so expect to be rather isolated. We did our rounds of hanging on the beach or by the lagoons but ended up spending the majority of our time in our bungalow on the deck. I mean, that’s what you’re paying for–the view and ability to just jump off the ledge anytime you feel like it. Plus, with room service that delivers fresh mimosas and ice, you really have no reason to leave. We never made it to the pool. I walked by it one time on the way to lunch but I never really spend time at a pool when I’m on an island. The beach is calling my name!

Also, the attire is very casual, but anything goes. There were nights I felt like dressing up more and did, but overall I was barefoot the entire time (even during meals) because I can’t be bothered with shoes on vacation.

-The Flights. We took an overnight, direct flight into the main airport in Tahiti, then a small plane to Bora Bora. From there, your hotel will send a boat to transport you to the hotel. It’s a lot of moving around but honestly I’ve had it way worse. The main airport in Tahiti is a bit confusing and the people don’t seem to be very informed about much when you ask questions. Also, the signs kind of all contradict themselves so try to get a lay of the land so you don’t wait in too many long, unnecessary lines (like we did about 3 times).