Typically I am a very clean & organized person. You’ve seen my house, I’m a total clean / neat freak! So when I was asked to film this video I kind of shocked myself to learn how much junk I actually carry around in my purse.

In the last couple years I’ve majorly downsized my handbags. I loathe rummaging through my purse to find my keys or chapstick. It drives my nuts! My solution was purchasing smaller bags, as they can hold less, meaning it’ll be easier to find my keys. In the early days of a new bag that is very true. However, once I’ve had a bag for a few months I start to acquire the unnecessary shit that clutters my small-space bag.

It would be a good habit to clean out my handbag each night. Sort through my recipes (& file them), throw away valet tickets and gum wrappers, put back my lipsticks (usually have way too many in my bag), and shake it out. Sounds very efficient, no? But reality is, I won’t develop this habit–it’s a bit too efficient, and would require serious discipline. It was a nice theory but instead I’ll just try to maintain the mess as I go.

Does anyone have any good clean handbag habits I should be aware of? Share them below.