Miami Swim Week 2017 Vlog & Recap


This was my second Miami Swim Week & it couldn’t have been more different than the first. Last year everything was extremely new to me, I met so many people for the first time, & really had to push myself to be extra social (I need my 8 hours of sleep). This year, I brought my sister Lital to 1) take pics for me, 2) be my assistant, & 3) be my +1 since Paul had to work (booooo!). Having someone by my side definitely made the experience a lot more enjoyable, as this industry can be cold sometimes. There is a certain comfort level I must obtain to truly enjoy any experience and having my sister there was exactly what I needed.

We were staying with Vitamin A in a beautiful Spanish-style home that was covered in lizards. I know it’s a Miami thing but I couldn’t deal with it. Between the lizards & mosquitoes I was done for. My entire body was covered in bug bites–good thing I wasn’t walking in shows! However, I will say the bites were worth the cute pictures we got & the others girls staying in the house were super sweet.

One thing to know about Miami Swim Week is everything runs extremely late. We’re talking, a show that is scheduled for 7:50PM will not start until 9:00PM. It makes it very difficult to maneuver around to other shows, as nothing is ever on schedule. Because of that we actually missed a good amount of shows, but honestly, we had so much fun sneaking away to the beach between events for some cocktails & sun that I’m not even upset about it.

Miami Swim might not be “fashion week” but it makes perfect sense for me to be part of it. I practically live in bikinis half the time, and the energy and pace is so much more relaxed. Very me. Most events revolve around cute hotels, alcohol, good music, and fun vendors like on-the-spot B12 shots, custom bikinis, hair touch ups, & much much more. I hope to make this a yearly tradition.