Easy & Healthy Basil Marinara Chicken Recipe

Basil Chicken Marinara


Basil Chicken Marinara
Guys I’m, like, panicking. I made up this basil marinara chicken recipe one night when all I had in my fridge was some raw chicken, basil, & a jar of marinara sauce and it happened to be delicious. A couple weeks later I IG Storied the process, then went on IG Live and showed the entire process but I still receive countless messages about it. SO, here it is! Really sorry for the pathetic images–they were taken on my iPhone with one hand, as I was cooking!–but I was more concerned about getting the damn recipe up than how it looked! In fact, in the image above I forgot to add some more fresh Parmesan before snapping the pic. Whatevs.

If I had to sum up the flavor of this dish, I’d call it a chicken parm without the breading. So in a way it’s almost a healthier alternative to a chicken parm since it’s just as yummy but less carbs. It’s also one of the easiest chicken dishes I’ve ever made so it has now become part of our rotation here in my house.

Below you will find the recipe & directions for this easy & yummy chicken dish.

basil marinara chickenbasil marinara chicken


basil marinara chicken


  • Chicken breast
  • Fresh basil, a handful
  • Marinara of your choice. This time I used a Vodka sauce from Gelsons
  • Fresh parmesean cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & pepper
  1. Sprinkle your chicken with salt & pepper.

  2. Heat a pan with olive oil (medium – high heat), add chicken to pan.

  3. Add the basil over your chicken as it cooks, allowing it to stick to the chicken as you flip it.

  4. Once your chicken is lightly browned, add the marinara to the pan & reduce the heat to low.

  5. Grate some fresh cheese over the chicken & cover.

  6. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes.

  7. Serve on a large platter & sprinkle with some more cheese (if desired).