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How to get a vacation glow with bali body
First things first, the glow. To be more specific, the vacation glow. I seek a vacation glow year-round (as you know), but coming off a 2-week European vacation helps, too. I got a little excited in Capri when my girlfriends were all seeking my advice in the proper way to go about getting that “European tan” I’m always talking about; so to recap, here it is: SPF 30 one hour prior to being in the sun, Bali Body (gold bottle) all over when in the sun, & Bali Body after-sun lotion post shower. To maintain the glow, use the Bronzing lotion. Pretty easy if you ask me!

On this more recent trip to Italy I was a little pale & since we didn’t hit the beach until 1 week in, I desperately relied on my Bali Body BB cream & bronzers to keep my face looking fresh. As a brunette, I find it crucial to always have some color to my skin otherwise I feel washed-out. Once I have a nice base tan, I continue using the same products but it just enhances everything and the added glow is perfection.

To simplify my process, I’ve filmed a video showcasing all the products I pack for my daytime makeup look. I like to keep it simple, quick, and minimal, especially since I need all the space I can get in my luggage. Plus, I always prefer a more natural look while on vacation since you’re likely to sweat & really who wants to waste a ton of time getting ready? I’d rather spend my time exploring!

A new addition to the Bali Body family is their Coconut Lip Balm, which has SPF 15 & is all natural. I’m completely obsessed with the smell, but it also has a subtle minty after effect that plumps your lips without turning them that obnoxious pink / red color. I don’t usually wear any color on my lips during the day so this is the perfect little lip balm to bring while traveling. To amp things up, I’d use a matte liquid lipstick at night and add the BB lip balm over it. I think it’s safe to say I’ve become somewhat of an expert on all the Bali Body products!

{I wear the Tan color BB cream}

How To Get A Vacation GlowVacation Glow

Bali Body Vacation Glow
This post is in collaboration with Bali Body. As always, all opinions are my own.

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