10 SCARY MOVIES To watch

Ever since Paul & I moved in together, which was practically the second we started dating almost 8 years ago, we’ve always done Scary Movie October. I have always loved scary movies and was thrilled when Paul did, too. Believe it or not, it’s hard to find people who like them. I won’t name names but many people in my immediate family and friends circle are too scared of them…including men! That one just blows my mind. Call me sexist or whatever, but men should not admit they are scared of a movie. Am I alone on this one?! And don’t worry, I’ve told each one of them this to their faces LOL.

The month of October signifies the start of fall, and best of all, Halloween. I LOVE dressing up for Halloween. So much. I mean, next level love. After Thanksgiving, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Luckily my husband and best friend are both on this Halloween train otherwise I’d be a pretty depressed girl. Anyway, to get back on topic here, I look forward to October because my house is decorated and festive for the month and watching scary movies each night just seems like the natural thing to do. Some nights we open wine, others we sip on naughty hot chocolate, but each movie night always includes snuggly blankets and a good scare. Wow, I’m cheesy.

While I enjoy the classics like Halloween, Scream, Saw, etc., I also love the more obscure, less known scary movies. They tend to be more on the realistic side, which makes them 10 times scarier in my opinion. Also a plus to this list, many (if not most) are on Netflix, so I’m making it really easy for you. I’m really into putting together my watch lists for you guys–as I get older, there is nothing I look forward to more than getting into bed and watching a good movie with Paul and the pups. I did one on my favorite TV shows a few months back so let me know if you like these and I will work on more.

Below are 10 scary movies you should this this October! FYI, they are not listed in any particular order. I just listed them as they came to me.

Scary Movies

1) The Shining – Obviously a classic, but I re-watched it this month and I appreciate it in a whole new way. For being created in 1980, it’s pretty fucking scary. I also have this weird infatuation with scary hotel movies so that’s probably another reason I love it so much. Oh, and if you’re like me and can’t get enough scary, go to Universal Horror Nights! They have a The Shining maze!

2) The Invitation – I like movies that show a lot of lifestyle–good set design, architecture, detail, decor, etc.–and this one is very visually pleasing to me. It’s set in a Hollywood Hills mid-century modern home and some weird, culty shit goes down. Really good and twisted.

3) It Follows – It’s hard to describe this one without giving away too much. However, as if STD’s weren’t scary enough, this one takes the concept to a whole new level. Watch it!

4) The Babadook – So, it’s weird because Lyla’s nickname has become Babedook? Not really sure how it stuck but she’s my little Babadook now. Not to confuse you though, this movie is seriously creepy. It was voted the scariest movie ever in the UK, and I think it’s slowly starting to make it’s way into the US. In a nutshell, it’s kind of like a boogieman.

5) Hush – Ahhh just thinking of this movie makes me squirm. A deaf woman and a killer in the middle of a remote forest. Pretty sure that’s all you need to know.

6) Gerald’s Game – This one is more of a psychological thriller. Super bizarre with unexpected twists. There are some slow parts but it’s worth watching all the way through. The end will shock you.

7) The Strangers – This one is definitely one of my favorites (& scariest). I had such anxiety watching this but it’s SO good. So scary. A couple is in the middle of the woods in a cabin when some freaky ass masked visitors show up.

8) The Intruders – I was skeptical of this one, but so glad I watched it. A shut-in girl lives in her childhood home when some intruders break in. Shit gets crazy…watch it!

9) The Nightmare – This one is more like a documentary on sleep paralysis. But don’t get the wrong idea, this movie is so fucking scary I couldn’t sleep. Well, because it’s about what happens when you fall asleep and see “him” and can’t wake up. Yeah…

10) Don’t Breathe – This movie made me sweat. It’s super thrilling and jumpy and just so damn good. I love escape movies and this one has all the right elements to it. See for yourself.