VIDEO: Bff workout

Sometimes / a lot of times I need some serious help getting motivated to work out. I go through phases of being super into it and then slumps of not working out at all. Since I just finally recovered from my annoying sickness (took literally 2 weeks to fully go away), I’m slowly getting back into my routine. My physical and mental health needs a good 3-5 workouts per week to be functioning at maximum capacity so I’m happy to be health enough to start back up again.

My best friend Lily and I have always worked out together. We started boxing together, we make up our own challenges when we have trips coming up, and now we see the same trainer (Joey). I’m sure we can all agree that working out with a friend is 1000 times more fun than working out alone. We motivate each other but also sometimes cheat together LOL.

Here is the equipment you’ll need for today’s workout:

5 – 10 pound weights

-A resistance band (extra tight)

A yoga mat