Each year I like to write down what I’m thankful for. Just like New Years Resolutions, there is something definitive about sharing it out loud. Once you put it out there you’re more inclined to take action, to do something about it. Ironically this week I had a few #fail moments in life (cracking my phone screen, sitting in glass, setting my hair on fire, to name a few) and my DMs became flooded with “poor thing” messages. Honestly, I laughed off each one of those instances because there’s nothing I can do to reverse the situation. Might as well remain positive, find the silver lining (yay, new phone on the way!), and use it as content to entertain you guys (I promise none of this happened on purpose LOL).

Reflecting back on this year, I feel incredibly fortunate for so many reasons. I was presented with so many opportunities and experiences that I will never forget. On the flip side, I also had to make a lot of hard decisions. Every major element of my life faced change this year, some good some bad, but ultimately I’m still grateful for all of it.

My Career. Ever since I discovered blogging existed (somewhere around 2011) I knew I wanted that for myself. It combines all my passions–fashion, creative, design, social media, lifestyle, editorial. For someone who wasn’t quite sure what my career path would be (I just knew something creative and in fashion), blogging was the answer to all my problems. However, I didn’t realize it would take well over 5 years to even scratch the surface. Today I feel incredibly proud of where my blog has taken me. I feel I finally have a true grasp on my career, what I want to do, the brand I want to build, and all the perks that come with it just sweeten the deal. The travels, partnerships, events, and collaborations I’ve experienced this year are so special to me.

This year I started expanding my team and now I work beside some of the most hard-working women I’ve ever known. I am VERY Type A and such a control freak when it comes to my business that it takes a very special person to handle any part of it. Kirsty and Claudia, I appreciate you guys more than you will ever know! 

My Husband. I don’t have to convince anyone what an incredible husband Paul is. He is so patient, loving, caring, genuine, intelligent, the list goes on. This year we discussed having a baby, and while it hasn’t happened for us, he has stood by my side allowing me to feel the ups and downs of “trying.” I’m a big believer in “things happen for a reason” and I just know this year was about growing my career, which Paul plays a major role in. His endless support (more than just reading my contracts) does not go unnoticed by myself or others, and for that, I will forever be grateful. He has made it possible for me to pursue my passions when it seemed like years went by before it became real. Paul, thank you for being the best husband I could ever imagine. You will make the best dad one day, too.

My Family. #1 in my life is family, always. We are all so close, and despite the good and bad, we always have each other’s backs. As everyone gets older and plans get harder to make, I can’t help but feel super thankful for having a family (my own & Paul’s) that values our time together enough to make it happen. I’m probably the only blogger who invites her entire family to blogging events I host because there’s just NO WAY my family would be okay sitting at home watching it happen on IG Stories! So, thank you to my entire family for constantly being the first to show up, the last to leave, and for the constant reminder that I am very supported!

My Health. This year I made it a priority to get a grip on my health. Between my thyroid condition, my food sensitivities, and constant stomach aches, something had to change. I honestly think it was a combination of not fully understanding my body, how to take care of myself, and not being able to afford a healthy lifestyle that prevented me from dealing with it. Doctors, blood tests, medications, and Whole Foods are expensive!! But, this year I shifted my priorities financially and forced myself to start paying attention (to my doctors, studies, etc.).

I did food allergy testing (allergic to literally ZERO), I changed my diet, I started drinking probiotics, taking vitamins and supplements, drinking a ton of water, and started acupuncture. It was a big learning experience and adjustment, but so worth it. Your health really is priceless and even though I spent a small fortune this year to get it all together, I am incredibly grateful for my health and for finally feeling GOOD!

My Travels. Each time I travel somewhere I feel like I acquire another layer to who I am. Exposing myself to other cultures always has a way of helping me discover something new about myself and that is something I wish more people could have. The experiences this year have been next level and those are memories I will have for life. I am also so grateful for all the traveling I did with friends this year–birthdays, weddings, work trips–they were all so special to me and I’m so happy to have been part of it all.

My Readers. I am BEYOND grateful for my readers. You guys have made it all possible and I feel blessed/lucky/fortunate to have my passion be my career. Connecting with my readers is unreal…it’s like I have 1000’s of people I can ask for advice at any moment. Your loyalty and support is something I very much value and appreciate. Just know that if you’re reading this you are part of the reason you’ve made ME such a happy person.

Of course, I’m thankful for about one million other things–my dogs, my home, my friends, the poor delivery people that have to schlep all my packages daily, etc., but I just wanted to highlight a few very important things I’m grateful for this year. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!