I look forward to putting this post together every year. Resolutions can be so impactful but they have a bad reputation, most likely because people have a hard time keeping them. Not to sound righteous or anything, but setting resolutions truly helps me set a tone for the new year. In my eyes you get a fresh start, so why not make it positive, productive, & filled with new hope!? As well know I love to overshare, so here’s another list of things I’m getting ready to tackle in 2018.

Get organized. I currently have organized chaos happening in regards to my business. My office, calendar, & schedule are just a mess. Over the last few weeks I’ve made some efforts to develop a better system to help me stay on top of my shit, but I’m allowing myself just a little longer in my chaos before moving into a much more organized system. I resisted moving everything into a digital system (iCal vs a physical agenda, spreadsheets vs hand-written lists, etc.) for years since I kind of enjoy jotting things down by hand, but I’m finding my lists are getting lost and messy, which doesn’t really help at all.

Become a morning person. After doing 23&Me it was confirmed that I’m not a morning person. The thing is, I’m not a night person, either. Come 9:30PM I’m super sleepy physically even though my mind really wants to keep going. It really sucks. It’s primarily because of my thyroid condition, which really only leaves me with one option: to become a morning person. I look forward to my morning routine and would love to start working earlier to maximize my day, but getting out of bed is the biggest struggle. I want to find a way to overcome that this year.

-Develop a product line. This year I had my first product collaboration with NCLA on my nail polish collection. It was such a fun process and really pushed me creatively. While blogging is a true passion of mine, I want to create longevity and sustainability in my career. The natural next step is to develop something that is my own. It’s going to be a huge challenge but I’m ready to take that next step. Stay tuned!

-Find my family home. As you’ve seen on my IG stories, Paul & I have been house-hunting for quite some time. We are not in a rush, but we are looking for our next house that we can make our family home. While we LOVE our home now, it was intended to be our starter home and we feel like it served it’s purpose. We learned SO much about owning a home, what we do & don’t want in a home, and now feel ready to settle into our next house.

-Figure out my fertility. I’ll save all of that for another day / post, but I finally feel ready to share that Paul and I are trying to have a baby. I think timing-wise, things happen for a reason. I’m a big believer in letting things happen naturally–I find that when you force the issue in any area of life (relationships, houses, plans, etc., etc.) things don’t work out too well. I know that when it’s supposed to happen, it will happen. With that said, knowledge is power and I just want to learn more about our situation so we can either make a choice to do something about it or not.

-Start yoga again. Over the weekend I did a yoga class and was reminded how great it is. My mind & body are in such a better place when I do yoga regularly, so I want to make an effort to get back into the routine of practicing 1-2 times per week. Boxing and training are super stimulating and fun, but they are hard on your bodies after a while. I think yoga will give me the balance I am missing.

-Stay true. As a blogger you can be pulled in a million difference directions when it comes to your content, especially when partnering with brands. I’ve made it a priority from Day 1 to only work with brands / products that I truly love and use. It’s not exactly a seamless process–sometimes you clash creatively or they don’t like your tone–and occasionally I have to walk away from business in order to stay true to myself. At the end of the day I’d rather maintain the trust I’ve built with my readers than take the money for something that doesn’t truly feel like me. In 2018, and for as long as I blog, I will make a point to always stay true to my style, voice, and values when it comes to my business.

Do you guys enjoy reading my resolutions? What are some of yours?

Happy New Year!