BEST PLACES TO Eat in the valley


Okay, okay…so I’m kind of cheating. I get people asking for best restaurant recommendation in LA, but The Valley is a whole different story. I promise I’m working on my list for anyone visiting, because I’m pretty sure if you’re not from here you’re not heading north on the 101 to come eat here. I love The Valley, but I mean, it’s just not that exciting. The city obviously has great restaurants popping up almost monthly, but today we are going to focus on the places I frequent since they are my favorite.

I feel like I have to preface basically every post with a little backstory for you to truly understand my thinking. Or in this case, my list. Basically when Paul & I are hungry and not in the mood for a whole THING (aka drive to the city, parking, dressing up, a scene, etc.) we like to hit up our local eateries. We still have high standards as far as the food goes so I can promise you a good meal even if the ambiance lacks, which in The Valley, is very common.

Unfortunately you won’t be seeing any Italian food on this list, as there really aren’t any good Italian spots in The Valley (unless you want a meatball sub, THEN you go to Cavaretta’s). Otherwise you should find a good mix of cuisine in my list below.

Sidenote: this list is not in any particular order. Just as they come to mind…

Black Market: Small, loud, tapas style, gastropub. LOVE their cocktails (esp the Red Hot & Bothered). I also die for their ricotta gnudi…..mouth is watering as I type.

-Little Izakaya: FAVORITE sushi ever. Same owners as Kat-Suya but I find this specific location to be the best. There’s not really a “vibe” but the sushi is top notch. Here is my order (for both Paul & I) in case you were wondering: 2 orders of crispy rice spicy tuna, garlic albacore not seared, 2 baked crab hand rolls, 2 pieces of the salmon special, & 2 pieces of the albacore special.

Joey: A new addition to The Valley in The Village, and it’s good! Yummy drinks, good menu with variety AND some ambiance (minus the whole location being in a shopping area thing).

-Leo & Lily: One of my favorite brunch spots. Super simple and casual, but great coffees (aka dirty chai), salads, eggs, avo toast, etc. Parking sucks but at least they offer valet.

-Vino: I think this one is a little hidden gem that many people don’t know about. It’s really tiny but has the yummiest Spanish tapas. It’s reasonably priced, the wine is good, and they usually have live music.

-The Local Peasant: Basically everyone’s go-to spot in The Valley. Well known gastropub with good drinks and a pretty good menu. Their bread pudding is everything!

-Granville: This one is a chain but I don’t care. They actually did a cute job on the aesthetics (good tile, plants, etc.), but their grilled cheese dipper is life! Also, pretty sure I developed my [pineapple] spicy margarita obsession because of this place.

-The Village: Kind of a cross between Local Peasant & Granville. Similar menus & vibes but just as good as either! I like this place on the weekend since it really gets going.

-Follow Your Heart: My vegan followers will appreciate this one. It’s a market with a restaurant in the back and OMG I’m obsessed with their nut burger (w cashew cheese)! It’s delicious….I crave it. I always leave there with a happy belly and a bag of WAY too many hippie dippie things.

-Healthnut: This is where the Kardashians get their giant salads you see on the show. It is BOMB. I live for their Chinese chicken salad with extra ginger and their mango iced tea.

-Sol Y Luna: This spot is ALWAYS busy. Kind of annoying. But it’s damn good and worth the wait. Think: yummy Mexican hole in the wall.

Stay tuned for my list on restaurants I love in the city! Until then, let me know if you guys ever visit any of my Valley suggestions!