We're moving! - Sivan

We're moving!

WE’RE MOVING!!! I don’t even know where to begin. You guys obviously saw that Paul and I have been house hunting for quite some time now. I’ve shown you what’s out there–the good, the bad, the straight up FUCKING UGLY! We went through phases of being super active and going to open houses every weekend (when something viable came on the market), and then went through periods of time where it felt like we should just be happy in our current house. After all, I LOVE our house now. So why are we leaving? Wellllll we just felt ready to move on. It was our first house and it was good to us. We threw tons of parties, I decorated and RE-decorated countless times, I photographed this place to death, and it eventually became our home. Took a while, honestly. I was so indecisive about furniture that it wasn’t until a few months ago that pretty much every room was “finished” and comfortable.

As you know, we’ve been looking for our family home. We wanted something that we could grow with, a house that allowed us options. As a blogger I NEED more space. Period. And on top of all of that, I wanted our next house to have more of our touch on it. This is where things got tricky. I didn’t want a full-on fixer-upper, I don’t think I (or my relationship with Paul) could handle it. The fights would be never-ending (men just don’t get the cost of things, sorry!), and it would be miserable to live through. So what the fuck was I looking for? I wanted a cosmetic fixer. A term I invented, and used often, when describing my criteria. It should be a term if you ask me, as it describes it perfectly. I wanted a house that was structurally good to go, but cosmetically needed help. And that is exactly what we found.

You guys actually saw the house we bought on my stories a few months back. I was really digging the house but Paul wasn’t entirely sold (no pun intended). I didn’t push the issue. I knew there would be more out there (or would there?). We let the holidays go by without really looking for houses, and the entire time my mind kept going back to this house. I could just SEE us there. No other houses, even the ones we had offers on(!), made me feel that way. It just felt right. On our long ass drive home from Tahoe I told Paul I think we should call them up and express interest before the new year rolls around and someone snatches it up. It was a long conversation that revolved around location, price, potential, school districts (wtf?), etc. By the time we got home he was on board.

The following week we scheduled an appointment to see the house again. It was raining and dreary on the day we saw it for the second time. Probably the most unflattering time to see a house. But even through the ugly weather I was in love. Indecisive Paul needed more convincing, of course, but after consulting with our families and close friends, he was back in. The next day we put an offer on the house and suddenly other offers started flooding in. OF-FUCKING-COURSE. After losing 2 other houses to multiple-offer bidding wars, we were in NO mood for this. It was another emotional roller coaster for the both of us, but after tons of back and forth, we finally got it! It’s been a crazy few weeks of inspections, paperwork, mortgage crap, etc. The amount of work involved in purchasing a house is just insane. Not to mention, we had to get our house ready to sell.

If you’ve noticed me being a little MIA / tired lately, THAT is why. We are drained. This process is such a bitch but of course it’s worth it in the end. I’m so excited to share this new house with you guys. There is so much to do I’m honestly overwhelmed but it’s all fun stuff that I love. You can expect a whole new series on my YouTube channel dedicated to the remodeling of this house, because there’s tons of projects to tackle. It’s going to take time but there’s no real rush, as we plan to live in this next house for a long period of time. Thank you for being patient with me and not losing interest in me altogether when my content was bare! It’s been so hard keeping this secret, especially when I share just about everything about my life with you guys, so I’m so happy it’s finally out!!! Stay tuned.