Brunch in Palm Springs - Sivan

Brunch in Palm Springs

One of the many reasons I love Palm Springs is the ‘anything-goes’ mentality towards just about everything. The architecture, fashion, food, hotels, and activities are all an eclectic blend of styles, making it a fun place for just about anyone to enjoy. Over the weekend I was in Palm Springs for some Coachella festivities and got to experience my own mixture of styles through different events. There were many outfit changes but I wanted to share one of my favorite looks from the weekend, as it’s a dress that can be worn for so many different occasions. I wore a lemon-printed dress by Moon & Meadow for a casual brunch and received so many compliments on it! It has a feminine summer vibe to it that just got me in the mood for the months ahead.

If you’re currently looking to load up on spring and summer dresses, rompers, or two-piece sets, I recommend checking out the Moon & Meadows category on Bloomingdales. There are tons of cute options and the pricing is reasonable. I even saw some good options for me as my bump begins to grow, which as it turns out is a pretty tricky thing to style (LOL). I’m linking some of my favorite items from Bloomingdales now if you need some help narrowing down the options 🙂