VIDEO: What I Tell My Hairdresser - Sivan

VIDEO: What I Tell My Hairdresser

FINALLY, right?!

The woman in charge of my hair is: Nikki Lee at 901 Salon. She is one of the owners and just the sweetest. Her IG is: @nikkilee901

I get this question so often that it deserved it’s own dedicated video. Hopefully I didn’t confuse you TOO much in the video with my rambling and made-up words. So, with that said, here is a small recap:

-No base color–I keep the roots natural
-No ombre or balayage
-Hand-painted “grown out” looking highlights staggered and placed strategically to look natural and “piecey”
-No stripey highlights
-Always face-framing highlights
-Honey / caramel colored highlights…not too icy for me (I still use a purple shampoo once a week to prevent it from getting too brassy)

-Face-framing “piecey” layers
-No 90’s Jennifer Aniston layers
-Tiny trim at the bottom, NOT blunt
-Shorter-ish pieces throughout my head for dimension and volume

Feel free to leave any questions down below in the comments! I’m also linking all of the hair products I use: purple shampoo & condition, regular shampoo & conditioner, detangler, growth serum, etc.

For my hair washing schedule, check out this post here.