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How To Fake A Pregnancy Glow With bali body

I can hardly believe the stages of my “how to get a glow” posts….I mean, we started off with the basics back with this post, but oh how the times have changed! I’m now pregnant and trying to milk every second of that “pregnancy glow.” Except that my skin hates me (hormones) and so I heavily rely on my Bali Body products to mask the blemishes and distract the world with that perfect pregnancy glow. Smart / sneaky, right?!

To be totally honest I kind of panicked at the thought of having to change out my beauty products because of the pregnancy. I was concerned I would be so limited but surprisingly I haven’t had to make too many sacrifices. But more specifically, Bali Body is 100% pregnancy safe! The owner is actually pregnancy herself (congrats!!) so I feel totally comfortable continuing with all of their products. After all, you guys know how much I love Bali Body. There is no question about that (I would hope). They pretty much developed a product for every part of the body that needs a glow or tan, which let’s be real, I need that year-round, on my entire body. I just don’t feel right without a tan.

With that said, I’ve put together a list of products for you to fake that pregnancy glow, or if you’re actually pregnant, how to enhance that sh*t! There’s also a video demonstrating how I use the below products, AND a super exciting announcement about a *hint hint* travel-sized product. Check it out here.


-BB Cream. My go-to product for my face. Anytime, anywhere. Beach, travels, daytime, nighttime, this stuff keeps me looking fresh, glowing, and TAN! I use the color “tan” and it’s the perfect shade of sun-kissed. If you like light coverage, a natural-looking glow, and a slight tan on your face I really suggest trying this out. I started applying it with my wet beauty blender to get a more polished looking application, but typically I just apply like a cream with hands all over my face & neck.

-Gold Body Oil. So this is my absolute favorite tanning oil. It’s the first product in my beach bag, always. You can see results here, here, & here. However, it’s also a really pretty body oil for a sexy glow that you can wear not at the beach. It absorbs, so you won’t look or feel greasy, but rather your skin will be nice & hydrated.

-Bronzing Lotion. A temporary tanner that washes off. There’s always a lot of confusion about this. This product is developed to give you an instant tan, which is perfect for those panicked situations when you need a little color but don’t have the time. Apply a good amount (rub in circular motions) & allow to FULLY dry before dressing. It will come off the next time you shower. Easy.

-Moisturizing Lotion. You can use this as an after-sun lotion OR just as your daily body moisturizer. It’s rich in Vitamin E and also firms your skin.