Are You Watching IGTV? - Sivan

Are You Watching IGTV?

Sometimes I feel as though I’ve just about shared every little bit of insight about blogging I have, which is why I haven’t posted too many Blogging Tips posts recently. I went hard sharing everything from How I Started, Branding Yourself, Creating A Media Kit, Having A Voice, & much more, but obviously the knowledge will never end and I obviously don’t know it ALL. This industry is always evolving and changing and we, as influencers, have to adapt and keep UP! It can be frustrating, honestly, because once you feel you’ve found a groove they switch things up on you–the algorithm, a new platform, etc. On one hand I like the challenge and the notion that my days will not all look the same forever. As a creative, I need variety in my life / days so this kind of provides me with that need. On the other hand….COME ON! I just started getting comfortable with my YouTube channel–I was on a good schedule with filming, editing, posting, and now IGTV.

What’s the big deal? Well, for starters, I film in horizontal mode for YouTube. My graphics and editing format no longer applies for IGTV and so I would either have to film things twice, or pick an orientation (horizontal or vertical) and post to one platform. OR, just film it and post it to both; however, one will look wonky since it’s not the correct orientation for that platform. I know, first world problems. But hey, this is my job so it’s something I need to consider. Also, currently IGTV only allows me to post up to 10-minute videos so I’m a little limited. You would be surprised how quickly time adds up while filming, which is why I’m sticking to things like hauls, mini tutorials, etc.

An element of IGTV I do enjoy is the “real” factor. For whatever reason, I don’t feel like filming something elaborate and editing is necessary. I view it almost as my own personal reality TV channel where you can glimpse my real life for up to 10 minutes, unedited. The way I post on there is usually just in-the-moment stuff that I film on my phone and upload instantly. Sidenote: I REALLY need to start wearing makeup before filming. There is no filter option on IGTV so….yeah, I need makeup. I have uploaded some sped-up makeup tutorials and such that I already had created for my Instagram feed, but mostly just for filler purposes.

Another reason I like IGTV is it basically streamlines everything into one place. Aside from my blog, you have my Instagram feed and my Stories, which are obviously in one place, but now it seems like they are trying to replace YouTube, too. Sad day for YouTube, but it kind of makes sense. It makes it slightly easier for us influencers if majority of our following is on Instagram because then we aren’t forced to find ways to promote our other channels. If it’s all in one place we just have to direct you to the content. Since it’s still early I know we haven’t all adapted yet and there’s always that period of rebellion, where we refuse to support it. But I can already see how the opinions are changing after only posting on IGTV for about a week. I’m getting positive feedback that it’s more “real” and easy to watch. I personally think they have some upgrades to make. Things like allowing you to edit video titles, for one. I made a typo on the word “tutorial” on one of my videos and to my knowledge there is no way to correct it…UGH! I dislike how it currently just starts playing videos and you have to swipe up to pause, swipe to see your other video options, etc. Too much swiping to use it. Just simplify the layout. I also would REALLY like to categorize my videos so you can sort through the videos (ie: cooking, makeup, hauls, etc.). That’s my two cents.

My plans for IGTV include micro makeup tutorials like how I do my eyebrows, the perfect cat-eye winged liner, how to apply false lashes, etc. Product hauls–a compilation of packages that I receive each week (gifted & purchased). Random vlog footage–BTS of shoots, travel, events, etc. Just a look into my life that has been captured on video. I’m sure all the updates and upgrades will come eventually, but as an influencer I’m ready NOW. I want to brand my channel, I want cute graphics, I want the creative element. Until then, enjoy the super raw videos I’m posting because I’m sure eventually there will be a new way to share content on there that will require me to learn a whole set of skills.

What do you think? Are you watching IGTV? Are you into it? What do you want to see on IGTV? Share with me down below in the comment.