Backyard Before & After - Sivan

Backyard Before & after

I’m truly living out my HGTV dreams over here with this home remodel. It’s definitely challenging (& expensive), but there is nothing more gratifying than working on your home and creating a space you really love. I like to think that so far everything we’ve worked on has either 1) added value to our home, or 2) accommodated our lifestyle in a way that wasn’t there before. This backyard project definitely falls under both 1 & 2, which lets me know that it was a good move. Our backyard is divided up into two areas–the outdoor seating / eating area (what you’re seeing here in this post), and the pool area. The pool area is a bit larger and scarier so we are tackling that a little later. With the summer here I wanted this entertaining area to be functional and inviting so we could utilize the space.

As you can see in the before pictures & video, the space was a grey mess. So much concrete, there was no contrast or appeal of any kind. This side of the yard also has French doors that lead to our master bedroom so I really wanted it to be aesthetically something that would be beautiful to see from our bedroom. My vision was this: a printed, statement-making tile, wood furniture, and lush greenery. While we are still working on landscaping and adding white stucco to the planters, just adding the tile to the tops of the planters made a huge difference.

The project overall took about 2 weeks. I had found the tile on All Modern, which is where this vision / idea all got started, and from there I knew exactly what I wanted. A Moroccan-inspired oasis for outdoor entertaining. After finalizing my tile choice, I found the outdoor furniture to go with it (also All Modern) while also adding contrast. Everything delivered pretty quick so I got started on the leveling of the concrete right away and when everything arrived the tile was laid within 1 day. It was the fastest transformation of a large space I have yet to see in any of our home remodeling projects! I’m sure it goes without saying that the tile made a tremendous difference–I now have the perfect spot at home to take cute selfies, shoe pics, etc. Honestly, my goal is to never leave the house (LOL) so this is just perfection!