Video: Soft Glam Makeup - Sivan

Video: Soft Glam Makeup

If you’ve been looking for a glam makeup tutorial that doesn’t scare the shit out of you look no further! I’ve been there. You have a special event, want to do your makeup flawlessly, watch a bunch of YouTube videos, spend $5 million dollars on products, then look NOTHING like the video…that was me…on my WEDDING DAY! I really wanted flawless makeup (duh) but had zero experience, didn’t own foundation, and had no one to help me (none of my friends or family are big on makeup really). Yeah, it was intimidating AF! I ended running to Sephora the day before I flew to Greece and begged some girl to help me pick makeup that would leave me glowy, natural, but glam. While it wasn’t the worst makeup job I’ve ever done (especially considering my lack of experience at the time), if my wedding was tomorrow I’d feel A LOT more comfortable.

Since my wedding I’ve watched countless videos in an attempt to expand my skills and learn more about makeup. The truth is, I love makeup, I find the application process to be fun, and I enjoy watching other YouTuber’s / makeup girls’ videos. However, what always happens is I modify. Kind of my life motto, actually…I modify everything. Recipes, exercises, home decor, etc. I guess I just know what works for me at the end of the day so I don’t bother pretending that following someone else entirely will ever really work out.

For this soft glam look, it took quite a few attempts before nailing it. And whose to say I actually nailed it, right? I’ll let you be the judge. But what I can say is this: it’s not too difficult, doesn’t require THAT much more makeup than normal, and is realistic. You won’t leave the house looking like a Bratz doll and hopefully you already have most of these products so you’re not breaking the bank. I also felt pretty with this look. The false lashes make all the difference (especially for me right now with my lack of eyelashes thanks to pregnancy), and the glow is undeniable. Sometimes it’s just nice to switch things up and surprise people. When I rocked this look at a makeup event recently I got so many compliments it made me realize that I need to have more fun with my makeup more often! I’m always so scared of looking scary that I avoid it, but I mean, how lame is that? From now on when I have a fancy event I’m going for it.

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What do you guys think? Would you wear this makeup look? What do you want to see next?