Letter To Babygirl - Sivan

Letter To Babygirl

Dear Baby Rich,

Today is your due date (September 22nd). Our doctor said you would most likely come 5 days early or late, which means you can really be here any day now. Your whole family is anxiously waiting–we have a due date bet and everyone is harassing me daily about “how I feel” because they want you to be here already. The last week I’ve been extra tired and my belly is beginning to get heavy. You’re starting to kick me in places that feels like you’re going to dislocate my ribs!! You’re also waking me up a lot in the middle of the night and I’ve developed some insomnia thinking about when you’re going to get here. My dreams are all about going into labor and sometimes I wake up in a sweat thinking my water broke (that’s because Daddy likes to sneak the AC to 76º, which is WAY too hot for me right now). I’ve only had one dream where I actually see your face and you looked like a little doll. I cannot wait to see who you look like.

Your room is all set and waiting for you. I never knew a baby needed some much stuff but then again you probably don’t need half the stuff in there. BUT, we want to be fully prepared for you. Lyla likes to sleep under your crib and Olive lays on the little sheep rug that’s in front of your crib. I think they know you’re coming and I cannot wait to introduce you to the sweetest dogs in the world. The chair in your nursery is so comfy that sometimes I just sit in it with my feet elevated and the dogs sit on either side of me. Not really sure how that will work once you’re here but I’m sure we will figure it out.

I cannot believe we are at the end of the pregnancy. While on one hand it seems like such a long time, when I think back to when we found out I was pregnant it seems like just yesterday. It took me so long to really feel pregnant because I didn’t have a baby bump but now it’s so real and feeling you kick me all day is a constant reminder that you’re coming. You gave me a really easy pregnancy–I have been working out twice a week, eating healthy, staying active, working, going to events, getting dressed up, I’m taking you everywhere with me. Thankfully I have felt great majority of this pregnancy (except for the first trimester) to be able to keep living life normally.

A few things I’m pretty excited for (aside from meeting you obviously) is wearing jeans again, drinking rosé, eating sushi, my feet going back to their normal, non-swollen size, and getting my wedding rings back. Oh, and I’m definitely ready for the heartburn to be done, too. I’m taking extra good care of myself to ensure that I stay healthy for you and can always take care of you. Daddy is doing the same. He thinks he’s pregnant too so he’s working out, eating the same diet as me, and taking all his vitamins. Hopefully you’re a good eater like Daddy, now that I think of it. I wonder if you know Daddy’s voice now because every time he talks to my belly you kick back. He loves reading stories to you, too. In the mornings he plays really loud classical music for you but when he goes to work I change it to my music. You definitely prefer Cardi B and Drake over Swan Lake (that’s my girl!).

As your parents we hope you know how much we love you already and how many conversations we’ve had about the type of person we think you’ll be. I think you’re going to be sassy and hilarious and a total handful. Daddy is already used to that because of me and Lyla but I can’t wait for a mini me to join the family. Daddy wants to teach you everything he knows, which will pretty much make you the smartest girl ever, so I hope you will love to learn. We hope to take you around the world to all of the places we love that you will hopefully learn to love as well.

It’s pretty unbelievable how many people already love you. You have no idea how lucky you are to have such a large family of amazing people that are literally fighting over taking care of you. We are all ready for you. Even though I’ll miss feeling so connected to you in my belly, I’m ready to meet your sweet face and hold you. We love you so much!!