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Creepy But Chic Halloween decor

Every year I decorate my house for Halloween, and depending on my plans I go all out or keep it relatively understated. This year, with the arrival of baby Capri, I’ve kept things pretty simple. I left all the noise-making monsters in the shed and anything that needed to be plugged in unfortunately did not make the cut. I usually reserve those things for when we host Halloween parties and this year we just can’t pull it off. I was debating hosting a murder mystery Halloween dinner but even that would require WAY more decorating and I just don’t have it in me this year.

Instead I decked out our TV room with small decor items that can somewhat pass as “regular” decor since they are gold, silver, and black. Since Paul and I like to watch scary movies all of October I figured it would be fun and festive to have the TV room decorated. The rest of the house has subtle little touches to keep the spirit alive but it’s not nearly as done up as usual. For the record, if my kid doesn’t love Halloween then I’m not entirely sure she’s mine LOL.

A lot of you guys have asked me to link my decor and unfortunately a lot of it came from places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Michaels, where you can’t really shop online. However, I did my best to find you some comparable items that will give the same creepy but chic effect. The key is to pick a theme and color scheme. For me, I prefer metallics (silver & gold), black, and white. Occasionally I will throw in a dark red for a pop but it has to be deep red….not like blood red. The darker shade gives a more goth feel, rather than a cheesy Halloween look. I typically also stay away from orange and purple since it can have a younger vibe but when done correctly it can totally work, too.

When it comes to Halloween (or any holiday decorating for that matter), more is more. It takes a lot of decorations to really make it look full. Of course, you can go the minimalist route, too. For example, my coffee table has a gold skull, a creepy book, and snowglobe and it just kind of ties into my everyday decor. It’s not there to make a great big statement, but rather just carry the theme throughout the house. Layering is also key. Cheese cloth goes a long way, and don’t underestimate the power of lights.