Why I Shave Everyday - Sivan

Why I Shave Everyday

Shaving has been on my mind for quite some time. I’ve been using the same drug-store razor since I started shaving back in high school (don’t ask, my mom didn’t allow me to shave until a very late age) and I recently decided that it was time to upgrade myself. I’m the type that shaves every single day–my leg hair sprouts up the second I get a slight shiver, which happens anytime the temperature is below 75ยบ–so I basically have no choice but to shave daily or else my husband will get a nice exfoliation with my stubbled legs. So, yeah, I deserve a damn good razor.

And aside from my husband, let’s not forget my nail lady. She appreciates my hairless legs, too. Plus, there is no better feeling than freshly shaved, moisturized skin when you get into bed. It has definitely become part of my nightly routine, which is another reason I want a quality razor. I’ve actually endured years of irritated skin with other razors and so I’m relieved to have found a razor that cures all my shaving woes. Enter Billie, my new favorite subscription service.

Billie delivers your Starter Kit, which includes a tazor handle, a magnetic razor holder, and two razor cartridges for $9. They’ll also send you four replacement cartridges for $9 as often as you need them. Shipping is free and you can add on other products like their super luxe shaving cream or body moisturizer, both of which I’m currently using. If you don’t shave everyday like me, you can also select less frequent shipping. And let’s not forget the cute packaging. I’m sorry guys, but when a brand gets it right I’m sold before even trying. Thankfully the packaging isn’t the only good thing about this razor–the quality matches the cuteness–so I’m doubly happy to have found this brand and have it displayed in my shower.

What about you? How often do you shave? Let’s get reallllly personal!