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Capri's Eating + Sleeping schedule (8 months)


It’s been a moment since I’ve done a Capri update. She is now 8 months and changing daily! Unreal. She army crawls, has 3 teeth coming in, and loves to eat solids finally! I had a moment of panic when she hated everything I fed her. Like, who doesn’t like avocado, right?! Can’t be my kid. I mean, in general, if she’s a picky eater she will be SOL because Mama ain’t cooking you Mac n Cheese for dinner, kid. That’s for hangover days only 😉

Anyway, I love that so many of you guys are following along with your own babies at a similar stage. Really makes it feel like we are all going through it together. Moreover, I’m here to update you on Capri’s latest eating and sleeping schedule for anyone looking for some structure to consider. Paul is still in charge of setting the schedule (he’s the well researched one, not me), and so far he has nailed it. Truly truly makes it so much easier to figure out what she needs when you can rule out the basics. Essentially Capri knows and trusts that we will always feed her and change her diaper when needed so there’s really (usually) only one reason she’s cranky, and that is because she is TIRED. So many people around us wonder if she’s hungry, has a dirty diaper, is teething, etc. when she whines but it’s never that. The kid doesn’t really cry unless she is tired because we are one step ahead of the feeding / hunger and diaper changing.

Recently, however, she has cried because of teething pains. It happens mostly at night and so far we have had to give her a small dose of Tylenol once at night due to pain. We have tried the Camila drop (those help in the daytime) but at night the pain seems to be heightened. It’s so heartbreaking. Aside from that, I think I can confidently say my kid is happy, chill, and….easy.

Sidenote, for anyone else going through teething right now I have discovered a few things that Capri is obsessed with. Cold teethers are a must – we keep a bowl in the fridge full of teethers at all times. Soaking washcloths in chamomile tea to suck on is great. Camila drops are nice because they are homeopathic and can be given as frequent as every 15 minutes. And of course a little Tylenol now and then when it’s really bad.

As for the feeding and sleeping schedule, here you go:

+ 6:45AM / 7:00AM – Feeding. 8oz of Hipp formula.

+ 8:30AM – Naptime. Usually sleeps until 9:30 or 10:00.

+ 10:30AM – Feeding. 8oz of Hipp formula.

+ 12:00PM / 12:30PM – Naptime. Usually sleeps until 2:00PM.

+ 2:30PM – Feeding. 8oz of Hipp formula.

+ 3:30PM / 4:00PM – Snacktime. Either a Yumi jar, fresh fruit inside a feeder, or Teething cookie.

+ 4:30PM / 5:00PM – Naptime. Usually sleeps 30 minutes. We don’t let her sleep past 6:00PM.

+ 6:00PM – Bathtime.

+ 6:30PM – Feeding. 8oz of Hipp formula.

+ 7:00PM / 7:30PM – Storytime then long sleep.

Capri sleeps through the night from 7PM-ish to 6:45AM-ish. Ever since she learned how to put her own pacifier in we have not had to get up for that, which is heavenly. We still stand by NOT picking her up at night ever. Usually if she happens to wake up it’s because all 7 of her pacifiers are at the other end of the crib and she’s just too tired / lazy to look for them so we walk in, put one in her mouth, and leave. I realize this might not work for every kid, but this is what has worked for us to far and I have no complaints.

I would LOVE to have a sleepover with Capri in my bed so I can cuddle her but Paul won’t let me 🙁 I know it’s for the best, as it’s a selfish reason to bring her in our bed but he doesn’t want any bad habits to develop. We already have the 2 dogs hogging the whole bed so I guess we are crowded enough!

You can see her feeding & sleeping schedule from the younger months here. Also, favorite baby clothing brands and products every parent needs!

I think that’s everything! If you guys have any questions or requests for additional posts please let me know below.