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How to Create a Healthy sleep regimen

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my secret Facebook group (join here) what everyone wanted to see on the blog. No shocker that a lot of people said more Capri articles and style, but one trend that I wasn’t expecting surrounded sleep. Does everyone have a sleep issue?! Honestly, I’m a psycho about my sleep so it was kind of reassuring to know I’m not alone. Apparently everyone is trying to figure out how to sleep better (or more).

I do not fuck around with my sleep habits because I’m one of those people who is a monster without enough of it. So is Paul. Also, I’m NOT a morning person but having a kid kind of forces you to get your shit together earlier than you’d like – so I need the sleep that I do get to count. Whether you have a kid or not, I truly believe good sleep is about a healthy sleep regimen. Here’s mine:

+ Wind down without screens. I won’t pretend I don’t watch TV or play on my phone at night (we’ve all seen my Bachelor stories), but I do believe in winding down. I’ll try to have a good 30 minutes of screen-less time before trying to fall asleep. The blue light within our screen is legitimately stimulating to the brain and that’s the opposite of what you need before sleep. You can use blue-light blocking glasses to help de-stimulate if you must be on a screen, but try to skip it close to bedtime.

+ Self-care. My form of evening self-care is definitely skincare. Another thing I don’t fuck around with. But whatever you’re into, get in the habit of making a routine that lets your body / mind know that sleep is coming. By doing a similar routine each night, your body will get into rest mode naturally. I find that a skincare routine is great before bed because the facial massage aspect is relaxing and I know I’m improving my face as I sleep. Other ideas could be stretching, a bath, using the Calm app, or drinking non-caffeinated tea while you read.

+ Empty your brain. If you’re one of those people who lay there for hours with a racing mind, keep a notepad by your bed. This was especially helpful for me before launching Tan Lines when I had a million things pop up as soon as the lights went off. Jot down whatever the hell is in your head, like a random task or even what you need to get done tomorrow. I’ve heard that actually journaling can be soothing too, but it’s not something I do.

+ Do mindless shit. Paul and I don’t get into intense discussions before bed and I also don’t like watching / reading anything with a crazy storyline close to bedtime.

+ Hydrate early. I’ve always hated tips that say to drink a bunch of water before going to bed because that means you’re getting up to pee 17 times. Um no. I consume the majority of my water intake early in the day so that I’m cleared out by bedtime. Also, it’s healthy for your metabolism to drink water early so it’s a win-win.

+ Go to bed at the same time each night. This is hard for me but I notice that I sleep so much better when I do. Our circadian rhythm performs better when it’s sleeping / waking at similar times. Obviously I don’t do this severy single night, but if I’m home and have control over it, I do.

+ Make your bedroom a sleep haven. Here’s how:

+ Tidy up before even trying to sleep.
+ Diffuse lavender oil or use a sleep spray like this on your sheets / pillow.
+ Speaking of sheets, buy some that are actually comfortable. Sounds obvious, but you should die for your bedding. If you’re sleeping on scratchy or old sheets, change it up.
+ Keep it cool. Lower temps help our bodies relax and rest and I find it more comfortable to sleep with a blanket on, so I want it cool.
+ Block out lights. Even the smallest amount of light can stimulate the brain. Use a sleep mask if you can’t block all light.
+ Use a white noise machine if you live in a noisy area or your partner snores.

+ Teach your kids routine. I’m a firm believer that part of the reason Capri is a good sleeper is because we’ve been regimented since she was born. If your kid isn’t sleeping neither are you, so if you do have children, I suggest giving them a bedtime rountine.

And honestly, when all else fails or if I’ve had an insane day, a glass of wine + bath and no TV is my cure. Oh, and comfy as shit pajamas which I’ve shared here.

What are your go-to sleep tips? Do you follow a regimine?