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How to Shop My Life

One of my favorite parts of my job is sharing shit I love. I never want to be one of those bloggers who spams you, but I truly enjoy finding amazing products / outfits and then seeing you obsess over the same things. I also get tons of repeat DMs asking where something is from. I love connecting with you guys, but honestly, sending the same link over and over gets exhausting. It takes away from working on bigger projects or DMing about fun topics (like talking shit about Richard). It’s just not efficient.

Because of this, I’ve worked on sharing items in more consistent, seamless ways. I want to make sure you know all available avenues when it comes to finding what I’m wearing, my home decor, Capri’s clothes, etc.  Even if I don’t share a swipe-up link on Instagram Stories, know that you can shop my life in these ways:

+ Like to Know It – I’m years behind on this app because I thought it might be annoying, but turns out, you love it. It’s easy to use, too. I put most of my Instagrams on LTK soon after I post, so it’s where you can find what I’m sharing. If something isn’t linked, it’s because it’s old AF, sold out, or unavailable, but I try to link similar stuff. If you download the app and follow me here, you can easily check to see when I have new shares. 

+ Newsletter – Every single Friday, I send out a newsletter called ‘Shop My Life’. This is similar to LTK in that it’s sharing what’s on my Instagram, but I tend to include more options per image. Especially more affordable versions. There’s also a ‘Trending Items’ section where I round up what you guys are most into based on clicks. If you’re on your email regularly or want something in one place, subscribe here.

+ Instagram Highlights – If it’s a product I’m using often or totally in love with, it’s in my Highlights. From skincare to hair to home, check IG Highlights for swipe-ups. If it’s something I recently posted, check LTK.

+ Blog – Not every post has a widget, but if you look to the right of a blog post that talks about products, you can usually shop said item. Collages are self-explanatory – click each item to shop. 

I also have something coming out that will make shopping my ride-or-die products a lot easier. Stay tuned!

Hope that was helpful and THANK YOU for your continued support! You guys really are the best.