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6 Ways to Get Out of an Afternoon slump

Afternoons are a b*tch because instead of working, all I want to do is tan by my pool and sip some sort of alcohol. Obviously I can’t do that every day or else Paul would divorce me, so I’ve had to find ways to get throughout the dreaded 3 p.m. slump without becoming absolutely useless. Do the same by following these tips:

+ Get Vitamin D

Maybe I can’t lay by my pool like a sloth for three hours, but I can for a 10-minute break. Nature, sunshine, and vitamin D are natural energizers, which is why you’ll always hear the advice to get outside. If you’re stuck in an office building, sit by a window which somewhat mimics the benefits. Or go for a walk around the block and get your fix.

+ Have a snack away from tech

By most afternoons, I’m sick of my phone and starving which is why I’m always in favor of a snack break. It sounds very LA, but grabbing something healthy + paying attention to the act of eating actually feels amazing. It’s mindfulness without having to sit on a pillow and meditate, plus it’s a nice break for your brain.

Some favorite energizing snacks: veggies + hummus, watermelon w/ tajin and nuts, hard-boiled eggs and cayenne – anything with protein or spice is a good choice.

+ Chug water

Water is the answer to so many issues. If you’re hungover, chug it. If you’re moody, chug it. Chapped lips, chug it. If you’re hangry, chug it. If you’re tired, chug it. Lack of hydration can pop up in ways we aren’t aware of and it can make me feel incredibly sluggish if I’m not intentional about drinking it.

+ A small dose of caffeine

Obviously I’m partial to chai, but sometimes that shit is too much. So instead, I steal from my London bitches in the afternoon. I loved witnessing that tea time is a legit afternoon (or all day ) habit for people in England, and now I’m all about it. Most tea contains significantly less caffeine than coffee so it’s a smart afternoon alternative when you need something. I like a little green or black tea and I spruce it up with fresh lemon or mint.

+ Move your body

I’m not about to suggest doing sun salutations in the bathroom stall or anything crazy, but I do believe in the power of daily movement. Get your ass off your desk chair and walk around the office or take a stretching break if you work from home. I’ll usually take a couple of breaks in the afternoon to hang with Capri aka chase her throughout the house. Exercise stimulates your system making it a natural boost.

+ Declutter

My office was a shitshow recently and I felt like it was draining the life out of me. (It was!) Once I finally got my shit together and cleaned it up, I felt better instantly. And as cheesy as it sounds, it was energizing. If you’re dead, clean up an area of your life – your inbox, your office, organize your to-do list. Get that mental load situated.

Do you always hit a wall at 3 p.m.?