My Shoot Day Beauty Routine - Sivan

My Shoot Day Beauty Routine

Unless I have an event or a shoot, I keep my makeup very natural. I personally like that vibe and I’m not someone who has the time / energy for a full face daily. But for the times when I want a heavier hand, I have a certain routine and products that are my go-to’s. Here’s the list of products I use on shoot days, but they’d also be great for events, weddings, or anything you want lasting coverage for. I’ll also go over some pre-makeup tips that are essential to looking 100.


If I know I have something I need to look good for, I start thinking about it about a week before and do the following:

+ Up the amount of water I’m drinking and go light on the carbs. This really leans out my face especially and helps with bloat (because no makeup can cover that shit up).

+ I’m especially diligent about SPF and keeping out of the sun so I don’t have any weird-ass sunburns

+ I’m insane about face oil leading up and I’ll apply something like this before bed, on top of my regular skincare routine.

+ The night before, I’ll do this gentle exfoliating treatment followed by this firming mask, eye cream and, of course, this bougey lip mask.


Now, for the day of makeup routine and products:

+ An ice roller and eye patch moment is a no brainer.

+ Apply Kosas Tinted Face Oil to give a glow-from-within look. I die for this product and it can essentially replace foundation (which I personally don’t love the look of).

+ Concealer is veryyy important if you’re being photographed and I usually use Born This Way’s hydrating version. I like that it’s light but buildable depending on your under-eye situation.

+ Obviously I can’t forget the eyebrows. I brush them up and then use Benefit’s Eyebrow Pencil and Gel to keep things filled and in place. I also like Glossier’s Boy Brow but the Benefit is my main bitch when I’m being precisise.

+ My ride-or-die eyeshadow palette is this one from Too Faced. It has natural colors that I lean towards, but honestly the brand has so many good palettes depending on my mood. I use this matte version often as well.

+ I use a light hand with the Lawless bronzer in Golden Hour and do a couple of thin layers along with my cheekbones and hairline.

+ I switch up my highlighters often but lately have been into this one for a natural yet noticeable highlight. 

+ False lashes are a necessity for shoot days. These are very user-friendly if you find falsies to be a bitch in general. Make sure you apply as close to the start of your lashes as possible and always apply mascara (top and bottom) after.

+ Next up is mascara and I’m obsessed with the Lancome x Chiara collab. SO F*CKING GOOD!

+ For staying powder, you need a finishing spray or powder. If you’re a spray girl, I vouch for Cover Fix Matte Spray and if you like powder, the Lawless Setting Powder is the shit.

+ As for lips, I honestly switch it up daily. I shared some favorite colors in this post if you want to get more specific. 

Any other questions about my shoot routine?