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What I Like to Do To start each season

I know fall technically started weeks ago but here in LA, that’s bullsh*t. We’re only now just seeing hints of the season (forecasts of 71 degrees LOL) so even though I’ve shared my picks for fall fashion and decor, I was sweating doing so. Now that we’re getting there, it’s time to focus on seasonal tasks I like to cross-off four times a year. It’s nothing crazy – just a short list of things that feel necessary to assess quarterly. I find that following this list as seasons change keep me accountable, but TBH, you can follow it whenever you’re craving a refresh.

+ Edit my closet

If you’ve seen my messy closet on Stories, you’re probably judging me on this tip, but know that I have intentions. I’m actually good about cleaning things out every few months, especially when weather shifts. I suggest making three piles: 1. Clothes you want to keep but are out of season (this doesn’t change too much in LA but there are some items I only wear per season), 2. Donations 3. Things to sell.

From there, literally touch EVERY SINGLE PIECE in your closet and dresser. Don’t forget your pajamas, bras / underwear, and even jewelry. Be ruthless! If you haven’t worn something the entire season, will you really? Can you at least store it away for now? Do you actually like the item? I’m no Marie Kondo but I do believe in the power of loving everything you own. Get rid of the sh*t you don’t!

Paul has bins waiting for me and I nicely pack away everything out of season. When you go to pull things out from your bins (like coats that you stored away last spring), ask the same question – do you still love it? If not, #bye!

To end this process, I take note of what “holes” I have in my closet. Maybe my jackets are outdated and I need a new one. Or my undies have seen better days. Shopping for the holes is obviously the best part and I feel justified doing so once I clear space.

+ Fresh recipes

I love to cook and am always down with trying a new recipe. I find that new seasons are a good opportunity to get out of making the same things over and over, especially as produce comes in and out of season. For fall, I’m all about soups, healthy alternatives to heavy pasta dishes, and new red wine, obviously.

You can browse past recipes that I’ve made here and what I’m saving to try this season.

+ Set goals

I’m not about to go all Tony Robbins on you but if you want to be successful, you need goals. Don’t be one of those people who goes through life without focusing on setting tangible goals for yourself. What do you want to focus on this season? And more importantly, how can you get there? Set calendar reminders, book a coffee date with a mentor, make shit happen!

+ Make a big ass list

Separate from goals and my weekly to-do list, I like to jot down everythingggg on my mind. I’m psycho about lists and it’s the only way I’m so productive. That dentist appointment I’ve been meaning to book, a new class I want to try with Capri, something around the house that needs to be fixed, etc. I keep this in my office and designate an hour a week to getting this type of stuff checked off. It’s amazing how freeing this is for your mind – having designated time to work on all of life’s random tasks that pop up. But first, you need the long list.

+ Plan a few fun things

Paul and I both enjoy traveling and I’m a better person when I have trips to look forward to. While you don’t need to plan a trip to Italy to feel good about a season, I do think booking a few fun things is important. Whether it’s something basic like a pumpkin patch or a girl’s weekend, get something on the calendar that feels seasonal and exciting. I feel like I haven’t seen my friends nearly enough lately so I’m doing this ASAP.

+ Deep clean

We have an amazing housekeeper who comes 1x a week but you know there are areas that get missed. Once a season, it’s time for a very deep clean. This includes cleaning rugs / furniture, moving beds and big pieces and cleaning underneath, scrubbing the windows, etc. You know I love this shit!

Do you have a list like this? What’s on it?