What I Like on My Lips - Sivan

What I Like on my lips

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve become obsessed with lip colors. So much so that I’ve started hoarding every beige/nude/pink/taupe combo on the market, picking and choosing which ones are worth the drawer space. Blame it on Kylie or the 90’s resurgence, but I’m here for it! Below you’ll find the list of my ride-or-die lip items and what I wear on a regular basis.


+ Chanel ‘402 Adrienne’: I’m very into matching your natural lip color and this one is similar to mine. It’s hydrating AF, stays on forever, and gives my lip a little extra something while still looking super natural. Worth the $38.
+ Lawless Lipstick ‘Wedding Day’: The most gorgeous non-toxic lipstick on the market. George is a soft, pinky, beige which is everything I look for in a color.
+ Charlotte Tilbury ‘Bitch Perfect’: I die for everything Charlotte Tilbury, including this peachy/nudey color.
+ Bobbi Brown ‘Almost Bare’: Definitely one of the more nude/beigey combinations on this list. Another hydrating option because you know I can’t deal with that nasty dry finish.
+ Lawless Liquid Lipstick ‘George’: If you’re wanting a mix of lipstick and gloss, this is my favorite combo.
+ Bobbi Brown ‘Sunset’: The one punchy and bright color on the list. I don’t f*ck with too many reds or oranges but this is an exception. It’s lightweight enough so it’s not a heavy bright color if that makes sense.
Lip liners
+ Huda ‘Flirt’: A go-to for setting nude/beige lip colors from above.
+ Huda ‘Trendsetter’: More of a brown finish compared to ‘flirt’ and both of these make it easy to extend the lip line.
+ Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk’: Perfect for lining pinkish nude lips. I included this liner in my updated Everyday Winter Beauty look here if you want to see more.
+ Victoria Beckham Lip Definer #2: Another pick for drawing the lips out a bit so they look more dramatic.
+ Urban Decay ‘Midnight Cowgirl’: A nude gloss with a goldish tint. Really pretty if you like a warm finish!
+ Bobbi Brown ‘New Romantic’: If you’re looking for a non-sticky finish, you need this oil-infused option ASAP.
+ Stila ‘Beso’: The one red gloss that I like. It lasts ALL DAMN DAY so it’s perfect for events, weddings, photoshoots, etc.
+ Persona ‘Honey’: Classic nude finish and you can’t beat the price.
+ Dr. Bronners Peppermint Chapstick: I hate a lot of chapstick finishes and fragrances but not this one. I have about 100 between my purse, my diaper bag, my car, etc etc. It’s safe to use on Capri too which I love.
+ Lanolips Balm: This is basically the natural version of Aquaphor and it’s insanely moisturizing.
Have you tried any of these?