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How I Plan My Content Per Platform

Back when I first started my blog (9 YEARS AGO!!!), I was putting up blog posts every day. This was pre-Instagram, pre-IGTV, pre-You Tube, at least for me, and when blogs were the main source of content. Fast-forward to 2020 and that’s obviously no longer the case. There are endless platforms to be performing on, and within those platforms, a variety of ways to produce content. IGTV, Stories, static posts, videos, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, and don’t even get me started on Tik Tok. The point being, as a content producer (aka blog and brand owner), my day can easily be consumed by creating content.

So how do I do it and still maintain some sense of balance? Well, it’s taken me nearly a decade to get here + some team members (design, strategy, management), but it all comes down to a weekly gameplan. I’m a planner by nature and thrive off of seeing things on a list and getting shit done. When it comes to my content, it’s no different. I have calendar reminders (color coordinated) for each platform and I put tasks on auto-repeat so that they transfer from one week to the next. More details per platform below.


Before I get into my planning schedule, I want to talk about WHY I still have a blog. I’ve seen a ton of influencers ditch their blogs while they gain traction on IG, and in my opinion, that’s not smart. After all, we do not own Instagram (or any other platform) and they could be gone tomorrow. My website is my property and something I have complete say over. Plus, I love to write and share more in-depth topics with you guys.

+ Editorial Calendar: Everything that is happening on the blog is written down in an Editorial Calendar (a Google doc that’s converted into a calendar). I’m able to see the month or week at a glance, and it allows for short- and long-term planning. We also add any big dates for +Lux Unfiltered and Tan + Lines so we can plan accordingly.

+ Cadence: I post 3x a week at a minimum. Usually 2 personal topics and then 1 shopping collage that goes up on Wednesdays. I like to keep it fresh and switch up the content while keeping time of year, current events, etc. in mind. My list is kept on a separate tab in my Editorial Calendar doc.

+ Ideas: What to post and when comes pretty naturally to me, but my team does keep a VERY long list of ideas. Whenever you have an idea, even if it’s for the completely opposite season, jot it down in one place. This is especially helpful if I’m having writer’s block or am burnout with ideas.

+ Writing: I batch write so that I’m writing 2 posts at a time, 1x a week. I also share my shopping picks with my graphic designer 1x a week and save time to shop weekly.


+ Shop My Life: This goes out every Friday and it’s a cumulation of what I’ve worn that week + other things like skincare or home decor I’m using. We put this together every Wednesday and use it as a way to share more options for what I’m wearing or using.

+ Sivan Lately: We send this out every other week, usually on Thursdays, and it’s one of my favorite ways to connect with you guys. Everything you see on this newsletter is completely exclusive, which I think is super smart. Think of it as more content for the VIPs. To plan for this, I usually ask the community for ideas or cover things I get DMs about since it’s all about serving my readers.

Sign up for both newsletters HERE.


+ Static Posts: I batch my photos so that I don’t have to get ready 7 days a week. 1-2 times a week, I’ll pull myself together and ask my sister, Paul, or basically whoever is around to come and shoot with me. I used to work with a professional photographer but don’t for Instagram too often. When I do, though, I jot down a bunch of upcoming ideas for the blog so I can get those images, and I’ll shoot like 10 outfits. Exhausting but productive.

Obviously, if I have a due date or collaboration, I set aside a specific date to shoot and plan things out more. Otherwise, I shoot outfits I’m into and try to fit in things like home decor and beauty flat-lays on my own time.

+ IGTV: Between Paul’s schedule, mine, the baby, and life, this is something that happens when we have the time. My goal is at least 1 a week.

+ Stories: I know some bloggers probably have a set schedule for Stories, but that’s not something I plan (unless it’s a collaboration). I basically share stuff I think you guys might find interesting, and try to story every day. Stories are about real-time life, so I’m not about pre-recording stuff here unless absolutely necessary.


+ I share all my outfits on LTK, shopping collages, and a special weekly $Under 100 favorites collage here. I do a sweep for what I need to share 3x a week and have my graphic designer make collages 2x a week.


+ 1x a week, I save pins to Tailwind, an app I use that helps with Pinterest strategy, analytics, etc. If you’re not following me there yet, I pin often. Don’t miss out.


+ Secret All Girls FB group: I created this group a year or two ago and it’s been such a fun place to interact. I don’t plan anything specifically for this group which is my favorite part. It’s all real-time and we talk about advice, celebrity gossip, random cute shit I’m finding, and it’s where I get direct feedback from this community. I try to pop in here at least a few times a week, usually from bed or the couch.

+ General FB page: I have a calendar reminder set for 3x a week to share anything inspiring me, that day’s post, or past posts that are relevant.

I think that covers it all but let me know if I’m forgetting something. P.S. I share a ton of other BLOGGING TIPS on the blog if you’re into this type of post.

What’s your favorite piece of content that I create? What are you wanting more of?