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BEHIND THE SCENES: Everything you'll find in my cleaning closet

This seems like the most boring topic of all time but you guys always have a million DMs when I clean anything so I’m delivering. Feel free to skip if this is not your thing LOL.

Between Paul being OCD and me wanting things like a white couch and nice furniture with a baby, our cleaning closet isn’t something we f*ck around with. I’ve literally tried 100 stain removers and have found the best (Folex), and the same goes with nasty countertop cleaners, hand soap, etc. A few things to note when it comes to what I like to clean with:

+ I try to get the most non-toxic items for Capri’s room, toys, etc., but I realize that I use chemicals in certain products. Don’t @ me.

+ Aeshteics are VERY important to me so if something is displayed in my home (like dish soap, hand soap, etc), it’s not going to be ugly.

+ We have our house cleaner come 1x a week and Paul and I also wipe down/clean up our areas daily. These products are amazing but they aren’t magic; you have to put in the effort to keep your house looking decent.


Everyday products:

+ Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Spray (Peony Scent): Hands down the best smelling surface cleaner and I honestly get scared sharing because you b*tches always buy Target’s inventory of it. I stock up whenever I see this because we use it multiple times a day in multiple rooms. I despise the smell of overpowering, chemical cleaners and this gentle version is insane. Thank me later!

+ Home & Planet Multipurpose Cleaner (Lavendar & Argan Oil scent): When Mrs. Meyer’s is sold out, this is what I buy. It’s light and pretty and the bottle is cute.

+ Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap (Peony Scent): I won’t let Paul do my dishes with anything else.

+ Garrison + Home Hand Soap: I switch up our soap/lotion situation but this is usually in my closet.

+ Aesop Hand Soap: Pricer option that is aesthetically-pleasing. P.S. if you love a certain scent of hand soap but don’t like the bottle, I shared my solution with the label-less bottles I use in this post.

Dog/stain products:

+ Folex: THE BEST STAIN REMOVER EVER. I use this on our white couch, rugs, bedding, etc the second I see a mark from Capri or the dogs. You will always find about 5 in our closet because I’m terrified of raising children without it.

+ Furry Freshness: This is non-toxic so we try to use it most often for little issues the dogs have had.

+ Nature’s Miracle: I love this citrus-smelling option for removing odors any time I smell that *dog smell*. I spray it under their dishes, over accidents, on their beds, etc. every couple weeks. It also works for stains and between this, the Furry Freshness, and Folex, we haven’t had any dog-related stains that are too bad.

Baby products:

+ Honest Baby Multi-Surface Spray: We use this in Capri’s room, on her high chair, and on her toys. Non-toxic and fragrance-free.

+ Honest Baby Hand Sanitizer: Self-explanatory. I have 12 bottles of this floating around at all times.

+ Babyganics Bottle Soap: We’ve used this bottle soap since Capri was born.

Other baby cleaning stuff mentioned in my Diaper Bag article.

What laundry detergent do you guys love? Still in search!