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Dealing with Assholes

Assholes. We’ve all dealt with them and you might even deal with them on a regular basis at work or in your family life. I’ve come into contact with my fair share of them through different jobs, this industry, friend groups, etc. We all get it. And while I try to stay the f*ck away from these types of people, sometimes it’s impossible. It’s all about learning to deal with them…and then trying to stay the f*ck away from them LOL. Here are a handful of tips for dealing with the worst kind of people.

Know what you need out of the situation

This is a tip for dealing with any type of person when it’s a transaction. If you’re at a store and the cashier is being rude, realize that all you need out of this situation is for them to check you out and give you your stuff – so don’t make it a big deal. If the asshole is a family member and you’re trying to get through a holiday with them, know that all you need to do is survive one night. Keep the talk light, say hello but don’t engage often, and don’t bring up topics that set them off (unless you want to go down that hole).

Be the bigger person (most of the time)

I always leave a situation feeling better when I’m the bigger person…even if it’s REALLY hard in the moment. I’m a naturally sassy person so it’s nearly impossible for me not to let that come out when someone is being annoying but I always feel mature and less regretful when I let the other person act like the idiot. If someone is being extremely out of line or hurtful, or if they’re doing this to someone who isn’t standing up for themselves, I’m the first to bite back, but I wait until that’s actually the case.

Silent treatment

Shocker, I’m not one of those people who can “kill them with kindness”. When I’m dealing with someone horrible, I;ll go silent and give them zero satisfaction or reaction since that’s what these people are usuall looking for. It depends on the situation but if I can be silent and make them feel like an idiot, I will.

Cut them out of your life

One of the biggest lessons I learned in my 20s was to cut ties with people who don’t bring something positive to my life. Obviously this depends on your relationship to the asshole so you’ll have to assess that. If you have the chance, though, remove this person from your life.

Be honest

If the asshole is a family member or a team member or someone you can’t exactly cut from your life, it’s time to have an open conversation. Think about it before you talk and try your best not to cut them down; come up with constructive ways for them to improve and have several examples of times they’ve made you feel like shit. Share situations where they’ve been awesome so it’s not all about how horrible they are (even if they’re horrible 99% of the time). They’re going to be defensive so know that it’s coming and stay focused on the point of the chat.

Give them the benefit of the doubt to start

Everyone is dealing with sh*t and a lot of time it’s stuff we don’t know about. If you’re dealing with a stranger who is being rude, give them the benefit of the doubt. You never know what’s happening behind the scenes and it likely has nothing to do with you.

Remember that karma’s a bitch

Think that’s self-explanatory!

How do you deal with assholes?

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