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TAN + LINES has officially expanded into SPORT in addition to SWIM, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I mean, I kind of live in my activewear Monday – Friday so it only made sense to create my own, right?! As you all know I train with Joey Bronston and take pilates classes each week so I spend a decent amount of time in my activewear and being comfortable is really important to me. I have so many leggings that I love but they squeeze the life out of me so I can’t spend long periods of time in them. I kept this in mind when designing my own – they needed to be functional for working out, cute enough to wear for brunch, flattering, and of course comfortable enough to travel in.

So I bring you 17 pieces that have taken over my life. The active pieces were designed in neutral tones so everything could be mixed and matched. And you know I couldn’t release a collection without a little pop of leopard somewhere! I opted for a soft blush leopard that is feminine and fun. BTW, the leopard looks super cute mixed with the solid blush (just saying!).

Here are the FAQ’s

What is sizing like?

The pieces are all true to size (TTS). I would say order whichever size you’re most comfortable in in activewear. I am usually an XS in brands like Alo, Koral, Year of Ours and I wear an XS in my collection. I wear a size S in the cotton pieces like the sweatshirt, jogger, and t-shirt because I like those boxy and oversized. All pieces come in sizes XS – XL.

Talk to me about price:

It ranges from $38-$80. T-shirt is $38, bottoms are $65-$85, bras are$60-$65, and joggers are $70-$80.

Is it limited edition:

Yes. So just like all of my swim collections, we create and plan for one limited drop and if we are able to accommodate a restock of popular items we will. Since I’m still a very small business, my manufacturers are only able to produce a certain amount of stock so this is currently what we are set up for. In other words, until I’m Nike status, my collections will be pretty limited.

Does it pass the squat test / Is it good for high impact workouts? 

All the pieces / colors pass with the exception of the blush. Since it is a lighter color you can definitely see a little bit when squatting. You can also see sweat in the blush but it does dry very fast. The way I look at it, I have certain sets that are just for more low impact, lighter workout days. I love an all-white or gray workout fit but I know I’ll need to wear seamless underwear and not do a super sweaty workout. Things like pilates and yoga are fine for lighter colored pieces.

How do I care for my TL sport pieces?

Machine wash with like colors and tumble dry on low. If you can air dry that’s ideal but I know no one has time for that. All the cotton pieces have been pre-shrunk.

What do the leggings feel like?

Like butter! Super soft, stretchy, with a tiny sheen. They glide on easily, which is a huge thing for me because I hate nothing more than having to pry my leggings on. I also despise when leggings are too hard to take off (especially when sweaty). The fabrication of the active pieces is 85% polyamide and 15% spandex, so they are very comfy.

I cannot wait for you all to see these pieces in person and give me your feedback! I hope you love this collection!!!

You can shop it all HERE!