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Current Home Trends I'm Obsessed with

I go through phases with home decor. Sometimes, I honestly forget about things for a while because I’m good with our house or I’m busy AF. Then other times, I become obsessed with editing our living spaces, stalking all things Amber Interiors, and being on Pinterest for hours a day. Lately, it’s been the latter since we’ve been home and have had free time to actually think about our house. We’ve updated our kitchen floors (drama!), pretty much finished our detached office (thank god), upgraded our bar cart, and created a dining room that I’m VERY happy with.

As I’ve been deep in home decor mode, I wanted to share the trends standing out to me. I obviously follow certain trends but I’m also all about doing what feels good to us. Certain trends do not mesh with our aesthetic or how we want to live, so I skip those.

+ Lived-in textures: From our linen bedding to our white couch that always has dents and looks lived in, I’m liking this vibe. It feels good on your body and has an inviting feel to it. Plus, I’m not about to spend time in my day trying to iron my duvet or anything crazy like that. I want things to be tidy but also realistic.

+ Black trim: From the trim of a house to windows, I’m all about black details right now. It gives an updated yet classic look and I can’t see me wanting to change this any time soon.

+ Branches: I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought a flower arrangement or even greenery for that matter (other than cutting some off of a tree in my yard). I love the way branches look in a vase and they last MUCH longer. What lasts even longer? Fake branches that look real.

+ Earth-toned cabinets: Amber Interiors does this best, per usual. Instead of all-white kitchens or cabinets, I’m obsessed with the look of taupes, greens, light blues, creams, etc., on cabinets throughout the home. I’m not sure this goes with the rest of our main home, but we’re doing this in our detached office and I CAN’T WAIT!

+ Striped textiles: You’ll notice that a lot of our throw pillows are striped. I’m not talking nautical or French stripes but woven and warm stripes. I’m also into striped poufs.

+ Thoughtful living spaces: F*ck perfection. I’d much rather live in a lived-in home that feels like us and makes sense than have some perfect house. That doesn’t mean I’m not psycho about keeping things tidy, but in terms of our living spaces, I like thoughtful designs. Having a bowl to drop our keys in by the front door. Having baskets around the home to throw Capri’s shit in. Keeping our heavily-used oils and kitchen items in a canister next to our stovetop vs. packed away in a cabinet where they’re hard to reach. There seems to be a shift from perfect spaces to thoughtful ones, and I’m all for that. If you want to learn more about this subject, the founder of Parachute (a company I’m OBSESSED with) just released this book which looks interesting!

+ Line drawings: Not much to say here other than I’m into the minimal yet flowing design of line drawings. I mix these in with photography throughout our home and like the mix.

What home trend are you dying for?