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4 Quick Tips for Planning a staycation

Paul and I headed down to Santa Monica last week for a quick staycation and it was honestly amazing. I was freaking the f*ck out about traveling (let alone leaving my house) with COVID and at the same time, desperately needed a change of scenery. We took every precaution we could, along with choosing a hotel that was also following guidelines, and felt very safe about it. It was only one night but was definitely enough time to feel relaxed while also not missing our Capri Sun too much. If you’re looking to book a staycation now or in the future, don’t forget these quick tips.

+ Don’t pack your schedule

I’m never the person filling my vacation schedule with excursions or things to do, but even more so when you have limited time during a staycation. After all, the whole idea of a staycation is to recharge without having to put much effort into travel. We spent an entire day laying by the pool followed by laying in bed watching TV and didn’t feel guilty for a second.

+ Go somewhere within a couple of hours

We’re lucky to live in LA where we have the beach, mountains, desert, and city all within a pretty short drive. The options are literally endless for a staycation. Even if you don’t live somewhere as diverse as LA, look for a spot within a couple of hours. The last thing you want is to spend most of your staycation in the car or fighting with your husband through traffic. Keep it easy and keep it close.

+ Prioritize your amenities

Chances are if you’re booking a staycation, you need to get away from something OR you need some change in your life. For us, it was important to get out of the house (where we’ve spent the last 89328429 days), have a quick break from parenting duties (being honest!) and connect as a couple, and to f*cking relax. So we took into account things like a laid-back vibe, food nearby, comfortable rooms and beds, and privacy. If you’re looking to recharge, look into hotels that offer that more than others. If you’re wanting an experience or entertainment, prioritize that. Your options may be slightly more narrow when booking something close to home (depending on where you live), so unlike a hotel in a touristy destination, you might have to pick and choose amenities important to what you’re looking for.

+ Work if you have to

It’s been a very busy few weeks for us with the Tan + Lines drop coming next week, finalizing the next Lux Unfiltered product, publishing The Little Pink Book, working on my next Summer Lookbook…etc etc. And TBD, one of the hardest parts of planning a trip for us is getting time off work. Especially Paul who basically works 24/7 and only truly signs off if he’s drunk (which is why I make sure cocktails are on constant rotation while we’re away). So if you have to jump onto emails a few times or still post while you’re away, don’t NOT plan a staycation because you have to work. Just try to work LESS than you usually would.

Have you taken a staycation before?