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Boujee Survival Tips for When It's hot af

We’ve officially reached the part of summer where every day is 99+ degrees. I actually love the heat but after living in the Valley for so long it’s become me my mission to enjoy summer even when it feels like the middle of the desert outside. Because you know I’m not giving up my summer by the pool. Here’s how to survive the heat while still enjoying the boujee life:

+ Spa water

I like to make a huge batch of this to start the day if I know we’ll be laying by the pool. Mix water, ice, lemon, mint, cucumbers and strawberries (or whatever berries you have) into a large glass pitcher. Not only does this feel extra AF but it helps you drink more water since it’s not boring. The lemon is detoxifying and cucumbers are super hydrating, too.

+ Chilled towels

One of my necessities for a hot day! We have a set of soft hand towels that we reserve for this hack and basically you get them wet, spray them with essential oil of your choice, and then roll them up nicely. Place them on a tray in the fridge and grab when you need to cool down. It feels like you’re at The Beverly Hills Hotel or some boujee spa.

+ Vitamin water over ice

Between the glasses of rosé and spa water, I always feel the need to have something with extra vitamins and electrolights. I personally love Vitamin Water but it must be over a large glass of ice. I like to do this in our wine glasses to feel fancy.

+ Face products in the fridge

I keep a container of face products in our fridge at all times and reach for it if I’m hungover, tired, or when it’s 110 degrees outside. I have things like an ice roller, these facial globes, and sheet masks. Oh and I always pre-chill a face mist and bring it out to the pool for us. I make Paul spritz me while bringing me a fresh cocktail.

+ Cold shower (for a sec)

Have you ever been to a spa with a cold plunge or shower? It sounds horrible and TBH it doesn’t feel good in the moment but a quick hit of freezing water will wake your ass up. If I’m overheating or feeling lethargic from the heat, I do a very quick (I’m talking 15 seconds) of cold water in the shower. SO refreshing!

+ Fresh fruit popsicles

It’s been a minute but I like to make fresh fruit popsicles for a weekend snack. You can also freeze berries or things like mint in with your ice tray for a pretty detail in a drink. Capri loves when we do this and obviously it makes for a gorg IG photo.

How do you survive the heat?