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Paulitics: My Take on Fall trends

Although mine along with most others’ wardrobe these days consists of athleisure wear (insert shameless plug for latest Fall 2020 collection), I thought you have all waited long enough for another round of my thoughts on what my wife tells me are some of the latest trends! If you missed my last take, you can read that here.

+ Over-the-knee boots: A cowboy likes nothing more than seeing his girl in a fine pair of boots.

+ Baggy Sweats: How baggy are we talking? There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but I have yet to meet a man who likes the MC Hammer long crotch look.

+ ’90s Beauty (aka glossy lips, brown lipstick): Rachel Green, check; Kelly Bundy, check; Kelly Kapowski, check; Enough Said

+ Shackets: I am here for it. Am I young enough to say that?

+ Combat Boots: Make peace, not war.

+ T-Shirt Dresses: Pregnant wife = yes

+ Criss-cross Waist Denim: Not for me. Are we really that bored with standard jeans?

+ Flannels: See first response above #Cowboy

+ Woven Heels: Mehhhhh

+ Body-con Ribbed Dresses: Into it. Nothing wrong with showing off what mama gave you!

+ Sherling Hiking Boots: What am I missing?

+ Oversized Leather Jackets + Blazers: Am I noticing a pattern? So the 2020s are the new 90s?

Sivan note: what should Richard cover next?