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Baby + Kid Apps I use

Like everyone else in the world, I use apps to help navigate through pretty much everything in life: finding houses, ordering food, checking the weather, banking, social media, creating playlists, staying organized, planning content, oh, and of course, for parenting and growing life. Seems kind of strange, but honestly, SO helpful. Even though I already have one kid, I still find myself referencing my pregnancy app weekly to refresh my memory on certain things (because who really retains that type of info??) during this pregnancy. As for the app to help you actually parent / read your child, that one unfortunately has a little bit of an expiration date. I’ll explain more below.

I get a ton of questions on the apps I’m using while pregnant, in the months after giving birth, and any apps Capri personally likes (that I approve of). We don’t use THAT many for this category of life since every child is different and it’s hard to find ones that actually apply to your specific situation, but thought I’d share the ones I found really helpful (and plan to use again for Baby Nº2).


Ovia – Tracks your pregnancy week by week, giving approximate fetus sizing (compares them to either fruit or cute little animals), growth, development, and what you can expect to happen to your body. It also goes into some nutrition details, explaining which foods would be beneficial to eat at certain stages of your pregnancy. I definitely followed this app closer during my first pregnancy, but it’s always fun to see the weekly developments happening.

Rather than depending on Google searches for any pregnancy symptoms, I recommend using a trusted app like this instead. As we all know the Internet can be a scary place, and the last thing you need while pregnant is Google telling you some ridiculous diagnosis for something that is pretty standard.


Wonder Weeks – This one is super helpful! Once your baby is here you can obviously expect the unexpected to be happening 24/7. Sleep patterns change, they teethe, and they go through things called “leaps.” Leaps are basically mental and physical development that occurs in children that doctors don’t really prepare you for. This app will plug in the leaps to your calendar so you know when to expect some turbulent behavior from your baby.

Something in particular that I really found helpful, was the “forecast” the app has, which shows you which days your child might act fussy / difficult. It was pretty incredible how accurate it was, too. The second I noticed fussy behavior from Capri (which was not normal for her) I would immediately check the app and sure enough a leap was either approaching or in full swing. During the leaps, you’ll need to be prepared (extra love, time, etc.) so it is good to know when they are approaching.

It’s not an exact science, and obviously every child is different, but I SWORE by this app for the first 18 months of Capri’s life. I say 18 months because unfortunately the app “expires” or just stops giving you info after that point. Basically the app is like ‘it’s in your hands now…’

Toddler Entertainment

To be completely honest, Capri finds all the games, videos, and apps on her tablet herself. Literally have zero clue how she knows how to do that, but we occasionally hear a new song playing and know she found something new, which prompts us to glance and make sure it’s “approved.” For the most part, her Tablet is great because it’s loaded with games, books, and learning apps that are pre-approved by parents so you don’t really need to worry.

Her favorites are Cocomelon, Blippy, Ryan’s World, anything dinosaur-related, and Frozen coloring games.

Any parenting apps you guys are liking that I should be aware of? Let me know below.