What's In My Hospital Bag Round 2 - Sivan

What's In My Hospital Bag Round 2

Seeing that what I’m packing for my second birth is VERY different from what I packed the first time around, I wanted to share my updated list. Honestly, looking at my first list is laughable – but it’s not something I would have known (or anyone would) until I went through the process of giving birth. From the moment we got there, I basically just tried to get as much rest as possible. I couldn’t give a f*ck about self-care; I wanted to do my job (give birth), cuddle my new baby, and get any ounce of sleep possible. Like eye patches and lavender essential oils…LOL.

At least in my experience giving birth to Capri, I severely overpacked. And on top of that, the hospital gives you everything you need in terms of healing and dealing with your postpartum body. Knowing the reality of the situation with Baby N°2, I’m packing minimally. Here’s what I packed using this bag:

+ ROBE: My ride-or-die robe for after I deliver.

+ PAJAMAS: I’m hoping to breastfeed again so bringing button-up PJs for easy access.

+ SOCKS: I’m bringing a couple of pairs of soft fuzzy socks for when I’m in my gown and freezing.

+ SLIPPERS: A must for walking around the hospital.

+ SWEATSUIT: Oversized and comfortable are non-negotiables for leaving so I’m packing this TL sweatshirt and shorts.

+ BRA: I sized up in this for pregnant + post-partum wear.

+ PANTIES: Bringing a few that are one size up and that I don’t care about because they’ll likely get nasty and tossed after we leave.

+ SILK PILLOWCASE + MY OWN PILLOW: The one area I’ll be boujee about because I’ll do anything to prioritize sleep.

+ COSMETIC PACK w/ ESSENTIALS ONLY:  I’m talking toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, hair ties, dry shampoo, and a couple of travel-sized skincare that I use after every shower. Again, very minimal here, and who knows what I’ll actually use.

+ OUTFITS FOR BABY: This is the only area where I’m bringing options since we don’t know how big he’ll be. You can see some of the stuff I’ve got for him here.

Did you overpack for your first?