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My Prenatal and Postnatal of Choice and why

If you know anything about my husband, it’s that he’s the most overly-researched person in the world. So obviously when it came time to finding a prenatal multivitamin before we started not not trying before Walker, he looked into basically every option on the planet. I had already been taking Ritual’s Essential for Women Multivitamin so Ritual was one of the first he looked into. Lucky for me, it passed the Richard test. I knew I liked their multi and how my body responded to it (read more about that here) so I was happy to keep going with a brand I trusted.

Then, later in my pregnancy with Walker, I learned about Ritual’s Essential Postnatal which I switched to the day I delivered. (Yes, Paul packed multivitamins and supplements to feed me in the hospital – would you expect anything less?).

Again, this was Richard approved since their Essential Postnatal is formulated for the new nutrient demands on a mom for 6 months postpartum, and while lactating. Being that I’m the Dairy Queen, this was crucial for me in a postnatal multivitamin. I also love the added benefits like omega-3 DHA for brain health, iron for blood building, Vitamins D3 and A for supporting normal immune function, and other key nutrients for my body.*

All I needed to know was that it was created specifically for postpartum mothers and that it was Richard approved. And so far, so good!

If you’re a new mama / have a baby on the way and want to try their Essential Prenatal, Essential Postnatal, or any of Ritual’s multivitamins, you can try them here.

Let me know what other specific postpartum details you want me to write about next.
















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