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6 Investments Worth The spend

I’ve always been a high / low girl. Meaning, I’m all about splurging on a designer piece or piece of furniture, but in the same breath, I’m never above a steal at Home Goods. In my world, investments and steals go hand-in-hand. It’s called BALANCE. Obviously I’ve had my share of investment flops and budget-finds that sucked, but overall I have a list of items worth spending money on…and not. Keep reading for splurges worth the money and I’ll cover steals you can get away with spending less on next week.

+ Designer Bags

I invest in a nice, designer bag about 1x a year…maybe twice if I’m feeling extra. To me, they’re worth it because 1. the good brands hold a lot of their value 2. you wear them every single day and 3. they make any basic outfit feel a bit boujee. My favorites over the last couple year are the Chanel Gabrielle and the Bottega Cassette Bag. If I had to pick an all-time favorite designer bag though, it’s the Balenciaga City Bag which I have in several colors / sizes.

+ Brava Oven

The price tag is high but when I think about how often I use this (aka break use down by cost), it’s not that bad. We honestly use this daily and it makes our lives SO much easier + tastier.

+ Mason Gray Robes

Again, the fact that I use this daily outweighs the cost quickly. I love feeling boujee in these robes because they are literally the best, not to mention super cute! I also apprecaite that these feel luxe but aren’t super heavy or restricting.

+ Parachute sheets

I spend a third of my day in bed and you better believe I’m not sleeping on some cheap ass cardboard sheet. We switched to these linen sheets (also love the percale fabric) a couple of years back and will never buy another brand. And TBH, their entire bedding situation is a must

+ Dermaflash

This is technically a splurge but if you compare it to the fact that some people pay a facialist (over and over) to do this for this, it makes it a steal. You guys already know how I feel about this and before you come at me for the price, I tried to buy the $5 razors and they were a no for me. Spend money on this and your skin / makeup will look so good, you won’t need as many facials or skincare products. You’re welcome!

+ Spa Towels

You’ll notice a trend in my life that I’m all about making my home feel like a really good hotel – spa towels included. These hold their shape and softness, are huge, and make getting out of the shower less painful.

What’s an investment you found to be worth the $$$?