Round 2 on covering popular DMs that I’ve received lately. From a few link requests to more specifics like my daily diet, keep reading for the FAQs. Here’s last month’s list of questions, by the way.


+ Where are Walker’s bumpers from?

A: The company is actually out of business now, unfortunately. As far as other questions on Walker’s nursery, I have that all linked here.

+ What’s the update on the SD house renovation?

A: I wrote out our plan in this blog post and will be sharing more as I visit more.

+ Where’s your Walker necklace from?

A: Stephanie Gottleib

+ Can you post X recipe?

A: About 1/3 of my DMs are about recipes and what I’m making and I promise I’m working on getting my sh*t together for some sort of cookbook. In the meantime, I try to post details on Stories / Highlights and I have a lot of recurring recipes on the blog, so check here.

+ When’s Tan + Lines restocking X suit?

A: Honestly, dates are all over the place and constantly changing. DM the TL account for specifics and I’ll always share what I know on my Stories. We do have some restocks coming this month, so stay tuned!

+ Where are your anklets from?

A: If it’s something I’m wearing, I either link it here or in my SHOP MY LIFE newsletter if it’s not on RewardStyle, so you can always look there before sending a DM (since I can’t respond to each with specific links). My current curb chain ankle is Lili Claspe and the shell one was from a Mara Beauty package. This one is similar.

+ What do you eat in a day?

A: It varies but usually along the lines of a TON of water and:

+ Breakfast: Eggs + avocado + bagel or toast, or a smoothie. A cup of coffee.

+ Lunch: A takeout salad with lots of veggies and protein, or dinner leftovers. We order from Health Nut weekly.

+ Dinner: I usually cook something along the lines of these recipes. Lately we’ve been trying to get more plants into our diet, so I’m having fun with some new recipes. We also usually do takeout at least once a week and eat lots of fresh fish, pasta, and chicken – lots of fresh ingredients. I don’t eat a ton of red meat.

+ Snacks: Fresh fruit, veggies and dip or hummus, nuts, cheese, etc. I have more snack ideas here.

+ Dessert: I always have something sweet after dinner, whether it’s candy or a glass of wine.

+ What nail polish are you wearing?

A: I veryyyy recently started getting gel (I did waterless manicures before that) and honestly I never pay attention to the color name, sorry!

+ How do I find your Amazon Storefront

A: It’s here and in my IG highlights.