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FAQs in My Dms Lately

I’ll always be a blogger who dedicates time to my DMs and this community (one of my tips from my ebook btw!) and I truly value the connections I have with my readers. But, with my current schedule, it’s impossible to get to them ALL. So while I try my best to spend 30 minutes-1 hour in there daily, I know there are certain questions I skip, usually because I have intentions of sharing those popular answers on my Stories that day…which again, doesn’t always happen.

I thought it’d be efficient to start sharing a monthly blog post where I tackle the most popular DM questions in one spot. This way, I’m getting you guys what you want, and I’m not having DM guilt or staying up way too late on my phone.

Let me know what you think! I’ll obviously still be in my DMs daily, too, but if I skip your question know that it’s probably going to be answered here or on Stories soon.


+ Where will the Sivan Ayla HQ be in the new house?

A: We’re actually renting office space outside of the home. We haven’t found a space yet, though. Let me know if you know of any spots that would fit our aesthetic!

+ Where is Walker’s rocker chair (in his nursery) from?

A: It’s Capri’s old one and I linked his entire nursery here. BTW, a lot of DM questions could be answered by checking this shop page where I try to link what I’m sharing on Stories, etc. It’s linked to my LTK page which I know some people don’t like using, so if that’s the case, you can shop directly from my site.

+ Will The Sivan Ayla Guide ebook be available in hardcover?

A: No plans for it right now. We wanted to keep costs down and give you easy access on your tablets, phone, whatever. Glad to hear you’re loving it though! Browse it here.

+ What bedding do I have?

A: Linked here and yes I’m OBSESSED. We’re currently using the percale sheets which I think are my favorite from Parachute.

+ Are the hats in the Tan + Lines Swim drop photos for sale?

A: They aren’t TL. Most of them are from Gladys Tamez Millinery.

+ Where is my denim jacket from in the Pura Vida collab pictures?

A: Denim by Orlee. I broke down all the links for that look / shoot in my Shop My Life newsletter which goes out every Friday. This is where I link everything I wore that week and extra sh*t that I can’t link via LTK. Sign up for it here.

+ Will the Tan + Lines towels be available for sale?

A: Yes!!! Stay tuned…they’re coming really soon!

+ How’s Walker’s sleep going?

A: Sleep is better! Think he was going through the 4-month regression but we are thankfully past it (I think / hope).

+ Where are the shot glasses in the Pura Vida PR box from?

A: Etsy, linked them here (and on LTK). I’m obsessed!

+ How do I keep my pans so clean?

A: LOL so much interest in my pans in general! I linked both brands I like (All-Clad and Green Pan) in this blog post where I break down all my kitchen products and in terms of cleaning, I don’t do anything special. I let them cool and then wash gently with soap and water. I think they stay nice because they’re nice quality?? Paul and I have had our All-Clad set since our wedding registry (you can see everything I suggest for a registry in my Wedding Season Lookbook) and they’ve held up nicely.

+ Will I share that recipe?

A: I KNOW this is an area I need to share more of and I promise to do more of it soon!