WALKER'S Nursery

To be honest, I didn’t give Walker’s nursery near as much attention as I did Capri’s, but there were a couple factors. One, we had a night nurse sharing a room with him for a while and we needed to fit a bed into the room with him, and secondly, I just didn’t have the same energy with a toddler running around! Now that we’re moving later this summer, I’m obviously not doing anything crazy to decorate, but I actually don’t mind the simplicity of his room right now. You can find links to everything below but let me know if I missed anything. I’ll do a post on the playroom and his favorite baby toys soon, as I’ve seen a lot of DMs with those requests.

+ Crib

+ Rocker

+ Curtains

+ Dresser

+ Basket

+ Rug

+ Photo

+ Blanket

+ Mobile

+ Rainbow Sheets

+ Olive Tree

+ Hangers

+ Closet Basket Organizers