After posting a breakdown of my designer bags on IGS last week, you guys blew up my DMs with questions on the specifics and wanted more reviews. It actually seems like you’d be into more round-up + review articles on everything from my bag to shoe collection, so I’m adding those ideas to my content calendar. Starting with bags, here are my always honest opinions of each, and how I wear them.

Before we get into the collection, a few thoughts I want to share on bags + also details of caring for them:

+ In terms of storage, I keep them in their dust bags with the tissue paper inside to keep them stuffed and in their intended shape. I tried storing them without the dust bag before and they immediately started collecting dust.

+ I don’t buy knock-offs or used bags and like to see a bag in person before buying. I spend my $$$ on bags aka most of my bags are designer. Yes, I’m aware this is very bougie of me but it’s the area of my closet where I like to splurge! IMO, if you spend the money on nicer bags, you’ll have them for years and if purchased correctly (which I don’t always do), they hold their value well in case you ever want to sell.

+ I don’t clean them but if an accident happens I use baby wipes to dab them. I always make sure to empty them out after using – no crumbs, wrappers, change, etc. floating around, as well.


+ BALENCIAGA CITY BAG: I DIE FOR THIS BAG!!! I have a few more than pictured, including my first-ever designer bag purchase (the City Bag in red), and it’s 100% my favorite bag of all time. I’m f*cking pissed that they recently changed the shape and structure of the OG City Bag, which my black (medium) and beige (small) bags pictured are. It looks like you can still find the original shapes on sites like Fashionphile and Rebag so if you’re wanting one, I’d shop before they’re gone for good. My Neon City Bag is the new design and it’s the nano size. Obviously the neon is very trendy but I’m hoping I get decent wear out of it since I wear a lot of neutral clothing.

+ BOTTEGA CASSETTE BAG: This bag was everywhere so I had to have it. I was into the shape, quilted look, and gorgeous almond color. Plus, Bottega’s quality is unreal. I will say I haven’t worn this bag quite as often as I thought I would with it being so neutral. It’s somewhat bulky and bigger than I thought it was going to be, and IDK, it’s not my go-to. I still think it’s a beautiful bag and I pull it out regularly, just not every day as I see some people doing.

+ BOTTEGA VENETA MINI POUCH: Obsessed with this purchase! At least for summer and spring, it’s been easy to grab to go with anything since it’s white. I like the casual feel of it and how it’s somewhat slouchy. I’m eyeing it in a few other colors…

+ BOTTEGA VENETA JODIE MINI: Another trendier look and not my favorite out of the Bottega’s. The Jodie Mini is slightly stiff and awkward to carry, though after seeing DMs from you guys, it seems like it breaks in (and gets more flexible). So I’m looking forward to that! I have seen a ton of knock-offs of this bag from Amazon to Etsy so if you like the look but don’t want to spend the $$$, that’s an option.

+ CHANEL GABRIELLE BAG: Other than the OG Balenciaga City Bag, this backpack bag is my favvvvve!! It’s my everyday bag at this point. It’s a f*cking splurge and not one that I took lightly; I literally thought about it for weeks and then eventually made the purchase in-store a couple of years ago. Chanel is known to age well and I can’t say enough good things about this bag. Easy to access, it can be worn as a shoulder bag or backpack, it has mixed metals, and it’s like a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, you know? 10/10!

+ LOUIS VUITTON TOILETRY POUCH: I originally bought this to use in my diaper bag with Capri, but then ended up grabbing it to take out on its own. I now treat it as a clutch instead of a toiletry / diaper bag insert and I think it’s genius since it’s cheaper than most LVs.

+ PRADA RE-EDITION SHOULDER BAG: This bag is probably my #1 surprise on the list since it’s trendy and I didn’t think I’d wear it as much as I do. Obsessed though! It feels like I can be less precious with it since it’s nylon and it’s a nice hands-free option for everyday life.

+ YSL WALLET ON CHAIN: I’ve had this bag for a few years now and consider it my go-to evening bag. It’s chic, sleek, and a classic. I also like that I can take the chain on or off depending on if I want the look of a clutch.

+ GUCCI MARMONT BELT BAG: Meredith Blake vibes!!! Yes, I wear this Gucci on hikes, to the flea market, grocery, or basically whenever I want to be hands-free without needing much. LOVE.

+ FENDI MINI BUCKET BAG: I don’t necessarily regret this purchase since it’s cute AF…even though I rarely wear it. I think it’s the size + color combo and honestly, it’s just not practical. I’m not ready to sell it and doubt I ever will because Capri thinks it’s hers at this point.

+ TOTES: Not pictured but I have three totes I rotate depending on what I’m doing / where I’m going. I use the Tan + Lines Beach Club Totebag for the beach or farmer’s market, my YSL Linen Tote for bougie vacations or weekend things, and my Goyard Tote as my diaper bag + mom life (I use this organizer in my diaper bag FYI).

Any other bags you want my opinion on?